WIMI Hologram’s ‘SoftLight Cinema’ Is Coming to the Market, Offering Cinema Experience at Home


Hong Kong – The movie theater can offer an immersive experience because of the big screen and the audio effect. Because of the COVID-19 this year, people become cautious in gathering. People who are used to watching movies just have nowhere to go. How can they get the most immersive experience of the wonderful plot of the film at home? WIMI SoftLight Cinema will begin to be sold soon. With WIMI’s newest product, people can stay at home, experience the viewing fun of the cinema-like level, and play racing games.


According to the announced device parameters, the display precision of the SoftLight Cinema reached 3147, which is 10 times that of the iPhone from the digital point of view. The binocular resolution is the same as 1080P, supporting left and right, up and down 3D playback.

WIMI SoftLight Cinema adopts a design that separates the processor and the display, addressing the pressure of the weight on the eyes. It uses the simple method: use HMDI cable to connect the two devices. The separated host computer is both the image processing terminal and the power supply device. Press the power supply button, when the screen will appear, and it will begin to normal operation. After completion of the equipment connection, the headband is fixed to both sides of the forehead support. Put on the headset, then adjust the forehead support and the length of the headband in order to achieve the best wearing comfort. It is a design that very user-friendly, reflecting the details everywhere.

From the official publicity introduction, the product uses virtual vision technology, people can have the experience of watching an 800-inch giant screen at 20 meters away. Meanwhile, the screen viewing experience is not inferior to the projection impressions. This is also the giant screen movie mentioned at the beginning of this article that brings super immersive viewing and makes the content more impactful. As a senior movie fan, the viewing experience is an important part.

The bottom of the WIMI SoftLight Cinema equipment also has a wealth of adjustment buttons. In terms of function introduction, it is the independent diopter adjustment function (300° for hyperopia ~ 800° for myopia). For those myopic users, it will leave them a good impression. In addition, the 3D/2D shortcut display mode switch button and brightness adjustment button mean that we can quickly complete the adjustment during the use, which is very convenient.

Compared with VR products, they are also small and portable. In terms of the display effect, the combination of 3147 PPI, 42 PPD, 1920 * 1080 resolution dual AMOLED microdisplay panel + 12 pieces of precision optical lenses brings a very clear viewing effect. Moreover, the picture quality is fine, and the picture has no deformation and distortion, making the screen size of this cinema is more than a litter larger than that of television and projection. In terms of privacy, the advantages are more obvious, especially, especially when watching certain movies.

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