How Virtual Assistants Help Businesses During The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

How Virtual Assistants Help Businesses During The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic has struck the world with millions of people losing their jobs. CEO Teo Vanyo from Stealth Agents has dedicated his life’s work to creating jobs in third world countries like the Philippines. Stealth Agents is an outsourcing company that provides businesses solutions for their many tedious daily processes.

Businesses all around the world are struck with increased costs of labor and a decrease number of sales. The solution is to either lay off a workforce because of negative profits or to hire outside help to keep their businesses running. Stealth Agents is the driving force for many of these business to hire cheaper labor with the same results as regular in-house employees, without the overhead housing expenses.

Most businesses have tedious tasks on a daily basis that prevents them from focusing on their growth. Businesses are encumbered by the tasks that can be done by someone a tenth of their current going rate per hour. By adding extra help in your business, businesses are ensuring that tasks are handled without supervision and intervention. This will allow businesses to scale their operations by multiplying their results.

Stealth Agents CEO Teo Vanyo has a mission to impact the lives of over 10,000 workers in the Philippines by creating Virtual Assistant jobs to those individuals who have families and out of work. Businesses now can employ Stealth Agents staff to help increase their daily production while keeping overhead employee costs at bare minimum. 

If you’re a business who has tedious processes each and every single day, see how Stealth Agents can help you alleviate your daily processes. Tasks such as data entry, appointment setting, inbound, outbound calls, social media, client outreach, customer support, market research and much more. Every company needs a team to run operations and you can’t do it yourself. Hire a virtual assistant or a team of agents to help you with your tasks.

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