New novel “The Seeker” by Jeanne Selander Miller is released, the second book of the Full Circle Trilogy about past lives and time travel

New novel "The Seeker" by Jeanne Selander Miller is released, the second book of the Full Circle Trilogy about past lives and time travel

“The Seeker” by Jeanne Selander Miller has been released worldwide. This 393-page novel, a follow up to “The Seer,” expands the universe created in the first book, and further explores karma, reincarnation, and reality. 

The Seeker (ISBN: 9781735691008) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

From the back cover:

Fiona Dolan has felt misunderstood her entire life. It’s not easy for a gifted student with a curious mind to endure life in rural America. When the stars align, she is awarded a scholarship to a prestigious college in Chicago and the means to escape the small-minded judgments of her parochial community. If this move is going to be her entrée into a new life, then Fiona has a secret she must protect – for she is a Seer and a Seeker

Triggered by recurring recollections of past traumas, Fiona slips between her past lives and her current life with greater regularity. The visions leave her untethered as she questions what is real. 

How will she adjust to life in a big city, the diversity of the people, and ideas that challenge what she has been taught to believe? Trying to balance the joie de vivre of her new-found freedom with the rigor of academia Fiona gets caught in an ethical dilemma. 

When she falls in love with a man deemed unacceptable by her provincial upbringing, Fiona must decide if she will let her traditional family dictate her choices or if she will pursue a life of her own choosing. 

Each visit to her past provides insight into the nature of the people in her life, including an evil nemesis who has stalked her from lifetime to lifetime, hell-bent on teaching her a lesson. 

Just as life seems to be working out, Fiona’s carefully laid plans are upended when chaos erupts back home. 

Will Fiona allow her past to dictate her future?

About the author: 

An internationally acclaimed author, Jeanne has also written a trilogy of memoirs which have been awarded the Best Spiritual Book at the London Book Festival and Honorable Mentions at the Paris International Book Festival and the New York Book Festival. In her first novel, Privileged, Jeanne reveals truths about life in a college prep school and shines a bright light on the grim underbelly accompanying such privilege. 

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