WIMI Releases Its Hologram Head Mounted Display Product – SoftLight

Hong Kong – WIMI Hologram Cloud’s first head mounted display spy photos are exposed, bringing shock to the industry. The new product is called WIMI Hologram SoftLight. SoftLight is a Blu-ray 3D original disc point-to-point non-destructive playback head mounted display. It supports up and down 3D, left and right 3D, and Blu-ray 3D, which has ultra-high compatibility.

Cooperate with SONY for image color management to achieve gradation calibration of the physical bottom layer and accurate color rendition. The color gamut reaches 117%sRGB, which is very close to the standard of DCI-P3, and the color is more transparent. The super image processing engine makes the image quality more exquisite. At the same time, the equipment can be connected to the unmanned aerial vehicle and the professional camera, which has strong extensibility and ultra-light weight, making the wearing experience more comfortable. Virtual farsightedness black technology is applied, and the viewing is equivalent to watching a large screen of 800 inches from 20 meters away. Meanwhile, the far-focus imaging can relieve long-term short-distance eye fatigue.

It is commendable that this product supports independent adjustment of the diopter of left and right eyes (300° for hyperopia ~ 800° for myopia), which is undoubtedly a bonus item for those who have vision troubles. The precise scale indication of the adjustment button reflects great progress.

As can be seen from the picture given, the red and black packaging looks very cool. The WIMI SoftLight Cinema adopts the split type design. The player is split and displayed through the HDMI signal input. The upper forehead support can adjust the angle to fit the head. The two sides of the brain support can be installed with retractable headbands. The sponge is installed on the wearing surface that touches the skin, which gives an exquisite touch.

WIMI SoftLight Cinema supports a variety of linking methods. HMDI can connect to conventional terminal devices such as mobile phones, computers, and TV boxes, and can also download an APP via WIFI to watch videos directly.

Finally, WIMI announced that the WIMI SoftLight Cinema will be launched at the end of this year, and the price has not yet been fully determined.

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