Total Vehicle Checker Offers Comprehensive and Detailed Information about any Car

Total Vehicle Checker Offers Comprehensive and Detailed Information about any Car
Before buying any vehicle, its crucial people make sure they’re not being scammed into buying a stolen or written off vehicle. Total Vehicle Checker offers access to a vehicle database to know the make, model, and history of any vehicle.

It is said that the current state of living for a lot of people around the world is increasing. What this means is that people have a better quality of life than previous generations, more disposable income which means people have the luxury of buying things they couldn’t afford in the past. One such thing is vehicles. But they may have the means to buy their dream car but for many, they don’t know the first thing about getting a car. They forget, for instance, how important it is to get a vehicle checked before purchasing it. They could be so eager to make a down payment on a beautiful car not knowing it is stolen or have been in a previous accident. Some know the importance of checking a car but refuse to do so fearing the hefty cost. Well, Total Vehicle Checker offers a free automobile check.

It’s very important for vehicles to get checked regularly as 1 in 12 cars are recorded as insurance write-offs and more than 100,000 vehicles are reported stolen yearly. Total Vehicle Checker offers three pricing for vehicle checkups. They have the option that is free and includes services like checking the MOT history of the vehicle, tax, its age, mileage estimate, and whether it is imported or exported. Although free, this service offers enough information to inform car buyers on the current state of a vehicle they are thinking of purchasing.

Customers could also avail of their basic check which is priced at £1.99. Besides accessing all information offered by the free service, they also get data such as keeper’s history, plate change history, color changes, VIC inspection, engine number, and many more. At a very affordable price, buyers can gain access to all the important information they would need to make an informed decision on a vehicle.

But the most popular service that Total Vehicle Checker offers is their comprehensive check which is priced at £7.99. Although a little pricier than the other two previous offerings, would-be buyers get all necessary information about the vehicle, from valuation to outstanding finance. They will know if the vehicle is a high risk, any mileage anomaly, or if the vehicle has been written off. This way, interested buyers will know everything they need about the car to make the best decision.

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