Life Coach Juliette Karaman Guides Middle-aged Women to Save Important Relationships With A “Love Your Midlife” Online Program

Life Coach Juliette Karaman Guides Middle-aged Women to Save Important Relationships With A "Love Your Midlife" Online Program

Juliette Karaman: A Life Coach To Guide You Through Any Problem

The relationship that most women neglect the most is the one with themselves. They put so much energy into making sure their relationships with their partner, their kids, friends, and family members are all well-nourished, that they leave themselves untreated.

It’s unfair to yourself to be strong in your relationships with loved ones, but not in the one with yourself. Juliette Karaman knows about this problem all too well; her body giving up on her while being in a toxic relationship. Once she learned to love herself at full capacity, healed her past trauma, her life changed for the better. 

Juliette decided to use her newfound self-love as inspiration to help other women in their journey of self-healing. She is a life coach and a teacher who is always lending a helping hand to women who are suffering. As a passionate writer, Juliette focuses on writing advice for relationships, intimacy and healing. To love another, you must be comfortable with loving yourself first.

Love Your Midlife

One area in which Juliette puts a lot of focus on is helping Midlife women learn to love their life again. These are the years in which hormones come crashing through and women often feel like life won’t be the same again.

Sometimes this leads to depression and other body issues as things start to change. Juliette uses the Love Your Midlife method, which is an online program, to help women overcome the obstacles that are stopping them from enjoying the pleasures of life. 

She also works magic on couples who are edging towards divorce. Juliette works with them so they can improve their communication skills and enjoy intimate moments. She helps couples turn their midlife crisis into the juiciest years of their lives by using a mixture of the skills she has learned over the years.

How Juliette Is Helping Couples During The Pandemic

The lockdown from the pandemic has created a lot of tension with some couples, and now as some countries face a 2nd lockdown things are getting worse. Juliette puts a lot of focus into showing couples how communication and knowing how to regulate your own nervous system are key for a healthy romance.

One of her favorite subjects to focus on is called Emotional Housekeeping. Has someone ever said something or did something that hurt your feelings, but you didn’t say anything about it? When this happens people tend to let those feelings stay inside, but instead of disappearing, the feelings just build up over time. Eventually, when enough is enough, the person says one thing that is bothering them and then the rest comes flowing out like a volcano. 

When this happens, the feelings coming out usually aren’t kind. This leads to the destruction of relationships that is very difficult to come back from. Juliette focuses on practicing emotional housekeeping daily so you can keep your feelings clear and well balanced. This is important for each and every one of your relationships. 

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