The Clever Combination of Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom That Is Re-Writing the Rule Book on Success and Happiness

Passion and purpose coach Andrew Low teaches tools to create harmony between your conscious and unconscious mind… so you can live your life on purpose.

Life can suck for us at times! We face stressors that take their toll on our wellbeing. Uncertainty in the world around us can trigger anxiety and even depression. We find ourselves disempowered and reacting to the world around us. We lash out, our relationships suffer. We suffer!

What can we learn from the ancient wisdom of ages past? Could the latest developments in neuroscience unlock secrets to personal transformation lost to the ages?

After toiling and struggling in a corporate job of more than 16-hour workdays, Low had been working nights and weekends when one day, he fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed his car. His accident made him realize that things had to change. He has been on a journey ever since, and now, his mission is to help you uncover your life’s passion and purpose.

Low describes his pioneering approach to transformation:

“Combining ancient wisdom with the latest in neuroscience and coaching to help us let go of the past so we can live in the present with passion and purpose… this is the secret to earning a great income from doing what we love. Many personal development gurus tell us ‘what’ we need to do – let go, find our passions, live our purpose. But ‘how’ do we do them? There are proven tools that create harmony between your conscious and unconscious minds that give you deep, cathartic and sustainable results.”

Engaging with Low allows a client access to a collection of three courses that gives the formula for achieving the trifecta of success, love, and happiness. It is an immersive, practical, and experiential program that gives the why’s, what’s, and how-to’s of the eight principles of success, love, and happiness.

According to Low, this approach empowers you to imagine the full experience of mental, emotional, and tangible breakthroughs to discover answers that are in line with your passion and purpose. If you’ve always dreamed of living a full, enriched, and joyful life, while earning income from doing what you love; this training can be a journey of transformation like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.

Low also trains individuals interested in becoming life coaches themselves. The key to serving others is first to work on yourself to heal your own past. This way, you become a shining example to others. Then, get certified in the processes to help others on a deep level, and learn and apply a blueprint to transition to full-time coaching.

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About Andrew Low Coaching and Training

Andrew Low is a transformation coach and trainer who focuses on helping others live their passion and purpose. Andrew is internationally certified as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) trainer, Archetypal Coaching® trainer for Passion and Purpose™ Coaching, Masculine and Feminine™ Coaching and Matrix Therapies® Coaching. He holds a Diploma in Life Coaching. He has over 20 years’ experience in training, mentoring, and coaching in both private and public sectors and is known for his fun and effective workshop facilitation skills. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs, business professionals and everyday people discover their passions and purpose, earn a good income from it, while having fun and laughter on their journeys.

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