Instrumental Artist & Producer Yahsetti Announces Future Release of Collab Song with Famous Hip Hop Artist Mike Smiff

Instrumental Artist & Producer Yahsetti Announces Future Release of Collab Song with Famous Hip Hop Artist Mike Smiff

Instrumental Artist Yahsetti Collaborates With Mike Smiff For New Track

Yahsetti has made a name for himself as one of the hottest upcoming instrumental artists of this generation. He is a producer and artist who specializes in creating some of the most beautiful instrumental tracks in modern music. His songs have already made a splash on YouTube, and this is only the beginning of what Yahsetti has to offer.

For Yahsetti’s latest project, he teamed up with popular hip hop artist Mike Smiff. Mike Smiff is an artist under Slip N Slide Records who is well known across all social media platforms. This collaboration is going to be a huge step forward for Yahsetti’s career in the music industry. Their new song is set to be released soon, but as of now, both artists are keeping the release date a secret.  

All About Yahsetti and His Musical Ambitions

Yahsetti has always been passionate about creating music that makes people feel good. He grew up in Richmond, VA but currently lives in Orlando, Fl where he works on creating music from his heart every day. He has perfected the art of expressing how he feels through his instrumental tracks. 

He has a goal of reaching people from all walks of life with his music. Yahsetti would love for people of all races to come together while listening to his music. He strongly believes that dreams do manifest and wants to share that message with his audience. On his journey of becoming one of the world’s greatest musicians, he wants to inspire his followers to never stop believing in themselves.

If you are interested in hearing some of Yahsetti’s current music, his most recently released track is a collaboration with RJ-1.5K called “Fade Away”. Yahsetti is currently in the early stages of starting his own record label, so he produced this track for RJ-1.5K. He has always been very passionate about music and wants to help other aspiring artists grow with him.

Music lovers worldwide can get together to appreciate the harmonies of Yahsetti’s music. Through music, Yahsetti is able to show his inner peace and love for the world. He hopes that others feel that way when they listen to his songs. For more information about Yahsetti and his music, visit the following links:

Email: [email protected] 
Instagram: @Yahsetti 
One of Yahsetti’s Youtube channel’s most popular instrumental tracks: 
Fade Away By Yahsetti; Rj 1.5K:

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