ConversionCo helping businesses to fight COVID-19 with online presence, assures sales growth in 90 days

ConversionCo is supporting dying businesses to bring their business online and increase sales revenues despite the current COVID crisis through tailored and result-driven digital marketing solutions.

Thailand – October 7, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the health scene but has taken a toll on the economy as well. Multiple businesses have suffered huge loss in sales and revenues given lack of customers due to lockdown and social distancing. But here comes good news, leading digital marketing company, ConversionCo, is empowering businesses to pull up their revenues even during a pandemic.

“We are passing through a testing phase of late. Lockdown and social distancing norms passed due to COVID-19 have led to sharp decline in sales figures and many businesses, especially the brick and mortar ones, are on the verge of shut down today. And this is where ConversionCo, a value based internet marketing agency comes into the play”, stated Jak Lau, the Founder and the CEO of ConversionCo. “We are helping businesses to get back stand up and start fighting this poison COVID-19 by first diagnosing and listening to businesses’ unique challenges, and helping those businesses solve the problems and plan out digital marketing strategies for FREE.” 

(In Frame: CEO, Jakrapatra Lauhawatana)

ConversionCo is a value-based digital marketing agency where we’re not here to convince you to do business with us. We would rather have the experience of you interacting with us do the selling, let us help you strategize your digital marketing plan first and we can see how you think about it. We’re not selling unicorn dust clicks & traffic, we focus more on the realresult, that is – the ROI. 

“When it comes to marketing online only two things matter:

1) Conversions 

2) Traffics 

“If your conversion mechanism e.g. offers is bad no matter how great traffic you get if you can not convert even a single one of them, your revenue remains 0 and you realize you can’t multiply 0. If you know your traffic, where they come from and what kind of audience they are, you will put in the right conversion mechanism e.g. offers to help turn those fans into successful customers that will be more than happy to refer to your business,” the CEO added in. 

In that light, ConversionCo offers a complimentary consultation call where clients are encouraged to explain in detail about their business, problems with sales figures and also the particular marketing requirements. Based on that, ConversionCo creates a tailored digital marketing strategy with proprietary proven tactics to address the respective needs of the business at their best.

(In Frame: Andreas Budiman, Regional Manager, Malaysia)

“Digital marketing is a constantly evolving space and we keep on upgrading ourselves under the guidance of best mentors in the worlds of ad strategy and offer creation. Our advanced skills enable us to create irresistible offers and also the most impactful implementation of those offers to boost the marketing strategy of our clients,” stated Andreas Budiman, a highly regarded Closer and business consultant who is the regional manager of Malaysian branch of ConversionCo. 

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