I-Aurora Launches a New Rechargeable Prepaid Debit and Transportation Card in Korea, NAMANE Card

NAMANE Card by i-Aurora is a rechargeable prepaid debit and transportation card that can be used to pay for entertainment, fashion, music, and gaming

TORRANCE, CA – October 7, 2020 – Korea’s #1 ticket vending machine and theatre digital signage provider i-Aurora is pleased to announce the launch of their new rechargeable prepaid debit and transportation card this month. Titled “NAMANE Card”, the prepaid card service offers financial services for various industries including entertainment, music, games, and fashion. The card can be used both online and offline at stores across Korea.

The NAMANE Card works in tandem with the NAMANE Card app. Users can top-up their NAMANE Card via debit/credit cards and bank accounts, as well as KakaoPay/NaverPay on the NAMANE app and at 200 NAMANE kiosks in Korea.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our rechargeable prepaid debit and transportation card “NAMANE Card” this September. Our aim is to provide an easy entertainment-based financial platform for global youth customers. We offer affordable rates compared to foreign global payment systems”, stated a lead spokesperson from i-Aurora.

NAMANE Cards can be conveniently customized by users. They can create personalized designs by uploading text and images to the NAMANE app. They also have the option to customize the card based on pre-made 81 character designs embedded in the card.

“NAMANE Card works with the NAMANE app which can be downloaded on your smartphone to issue and use the card. The app also serves as an online shop for buying and gifting NAMANE Cards. The app will offer rewards for customers based on the card usage. You can bank on the app for your NAMANE Card top-up service as well.”

It’s quick and easy to issue a NAMANE Card through the NAMANE app:

  1. Download the NAMANE app
  2. Design and customize a card
  3. Print the card
  4. Card is issued

The NAMANE app provides data and service on every major aspect of the card. Added to card registration and top-up, users can use the app to check payment history, activate temporary lock of card, report loss of card, and more.

Customers can also go to NAMANE kiosks to create new cards or top-up existing cards. There are 120 such kiosks across the nation.

NAMANE kiosks offer different services:

  • Online Photo – Images uploaded on the NAMANE app can be customized and printed on a card.
  • AR photo – Kiosks are equipped with built-in cameras for (further customization via: honestly unnecessary) the AR photoshoot service.
  • Character design – Customize a NAMANE Card based on pre-made character designs.
  • Random Character Design – A program still in development, which allows users to print out a random pre-made character design card.

NAMANE kiosks come in 2 sizes – Large and small. However, the small ones don’t have in-built cameras for photoshoot function and hence are best for top-ups.

i-Aurora has recently entered into a partnership with leading Korean music-event company MyMusicTaste. Through the partnership, NAMANE Card will be linked to the MyMusicTaste platform as a global and economical payment method for concerts and events produced by MyMusicTaste.

For more information, please visit https://www.i-aurora.kr/home-eng

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