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Why people need speakerphone instead of only a speaker and microphone?

We all know that the function of microphone is to collect sound, and the function of the speaker is to play sound. The omnidirectional microphone can combine sound and playback sound into one. You don’t have to buy a microphone or speaker separately to build a good call environment. In terms of ease of use and the cost, a speakerphone that can both clearly pick up and play back sound is the best choice for users.

Secondly, from a technical point of view, a speaker and a microphone randomly matched by the user during a call will not be able to cancel the echo due to the absence of echo cancellation settings, resulting in a decrease in call quality and communication efficiency. 

A speakerphone uses systematic acoustic design to rationally design the positions of speakers and microphones in terms of hardware, software, structure and acoustics. In this way, part of the echo is eliminated from the physical structure, and software algorithms such as echo cancellation, environmental noise reduction, and automatic gain can be used to completely eliminate the effect of echo and give users the best call experience. In this way, part of the echo is eliminated from the physical structure, and then use algorithms such as echo cancellation, environmental noise reduction, and automatic gain can completely eliminate the effect of echo and provide users the best call experience. 

Why people need Luna speakerphone for remote meeting & home office? 

Regarding the remote meeting, if a personal remote meeting, a pair of headsets or a direct mobile phone can be used. But if it is a team meeting with multiple people, then you need a product that can both pick up and play back sound in 360°. Luna is such a speakerphone product. First of all, its 3-mic layout can achieve 360° pickup. Then with its self-developed VoiceIA call noise reduction technology, it can effectively suppress noise, eliminate echo, and ensure that remote conference calls are clear and clean. Other sound interference affects the call quality, avoiding being disturbed by other sounds and affecting the call quality. 

Secondly, Luna’s appearance design is portable and compact, with smooth design and simple operation, which is especially suitable for people who work at home or those who need remote meetings. 

Last but not least, the most important thing is that ordinary earphones or mobile phones cannot achieve environmental noise reduction to eliminate various noises in the meeting environment. And expensive telephone headsets (usually around $200-300) can reduce environmental noise and eliminate ordinary steady-state noise in the meeting environment, such as home The cry of children in the office, the whistle of car horns outside the window, etc. However, Luna has built-in VoiceIA noise reduction technology, which realizes AI intelligent noise reduction. Regardless of steady-state noise or unsteady-state noise, the VoiceIA function can be turned on with one key to eliminate the influence of noise.

Moreover, wearing headphones for a long time will cause the ears and head beams to be oppressed, causing discomfort. If you use Luna, you can free your hands and ears. You can enjoy a comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant meeting experience, and start a remote meeting in anytime and anywhere. 

Introduction of eMeet

eMeet Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovation and entrepreneurial company based on intelligent speech, intelligent image and natural language processing. Founded in August 2017, it has been four years since its establishment. eMeet mainly creates value for users and enterprises by self-developed AI voice/image algorithms, innovative products, AI services and Building a business intelligence record. 

Since its inception, EMEET has been adhering to the concept of independent brand and high-tech export. One of the important bases of brand export is technology, especially in high-tech industry. Without core technology, brands will become hollow and have no vitality. Therefore, EMEET attaches great importance to its own technical route from the very beginning, insists on creating its own brand, training its own R&D team, and steadily enriching and strengthening its AI voice/image algorithm technology step by step. 

Since its establishment, EMEET products have been exported to Europe, America, Japan and other markets, directly competing with Jabra, Plantronics, Logitech and other international brands in the field of smart audio and video office. As a latecomer, EMEET is still gaining a place in the international market in the field of intelligent audio and video by relying on its excellent technology, and its products have repeatedly beaten other international brands to obtain bestsellers in Amazon. The products of eMeet have been reported by many international famous media because of its core technology and simple appearance design. Among them, the best-selling products Luna, M2 and Nova are well received by consumers and technology social media influencers in the audio and video field. 

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