Hey Siri, ‘Protect My Buddy’: Ballard Creations Announces Window Buddy, Dual Car Camera Device That Records Interactions With The Police

With My Window Buddy, drivers and law enforcement officers can now meet and communicate peacefully. Simply saying “Hey Siri, Project my buddy” arms the Buddy App, turns on the “Do Not Disturb” mode for the safety of the driver and law enforcement, opens up your front & back cameras, and starts a video recording.

Chicago, Illinois – Ballard Creations is proud to announce the launch of My Window Buddy which was created back in 2018. My Window Buddy will help to create a safe and calm environment while interacting with law enforcement. The device will allow drivers to record police interactions just by saying, “Hey Siri, Protect my buddy.’’

In these times, routine traffic-stops cause fear, stress, anxiety, and suspicion. In many cases, the confusion slowly graduates into a confrontation that leads to injuries and death. My Window Buddy can help make the officer and driver safer, in a peaceful and accommodating environment which us better for both parties. My Window Buddy comes with four slots to display driver’s license, insurance card, FOID card, deaf ID, and other documents. It also comes with a bright LED light attached to it to ensure easy reading even in a dark environment. The device also comes with two cameras, front and back, with night vision technology and the ability to record up to 3 hours of video. A 32 GB internal storage ensures the recorded HD quality video is stored correctly. With the Smartphone Pairing feature, drivers can alert 5-10 people of their traffic stop in real-time. There is also optional cloud storage to guarantee the safe and secure storage of videos.

According to Ballard Creations, “My Window Buddy is wireless and contactless, so no car adapters or cable wires connected. During a routine traffic stop, the driver will place the device on their auto glass so that the officer can reach all the documents.” It further stated, “It will create a peaceful environment for law enforcement and drivers to interact. Also, it is a no-contact device thus suitable during pandemics.”

About Ballard Creations

Ballard Creations is an innovative company, global B2B consultant, and supplier of digital safety solutions products world-wide. They are currently available in 50 states across the US and expanding their market. Ballard Creations desire to inspire safety in communities using the power of technology. Beyond being a business, they are working hard to ensure safety for all people, both in the US and around the world.

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