Expert In Puzzle Solving Games? Then This Puzzle Game Will Rejuvenate The Nerves Of Puzzle Gamers

The stymied puzzle game is a difficult brain teaser puzzle game developed by Warwick Blent to challenge the mind of the users in a creative manner.

Designed and developed by Warwick Blent, Stymied is a difficult and challenging brain teaser puzzle game. Stymied is perfect for players who love to play challenging puzzle games.

Stymied let’s the user test their intelligence to the limit by going past the 200th level in the game. The mobile game comes with four beautiful and colorful blockified worlds including Forest, Desert, Cave, and Space. Not only that there are up to 18 quirky block pieces joining the user on a great puzzle-solving journey. The puzzle game is free to install from the play store but contains third party advertising which the user needs to remove by in-app purchase. This game contains in-app purchases for virtual currency coin packs. No content in the game is blocked via in-app purchases. The android based mobile puzzle game is both challenging and enticing for the users who love to confront their intelligence.

According to Warwick Blent, the developer of Stymied, “It is a very refreshing brain teaser puzzle game for the user because of its colorful theme and beautiful worlds.” He also added, “The game might look very simple and easy in the initial levels but with each level, the difficulty increases exponentially forcing the user to push hard on their nerves.” Warwick further said, “And this gives the user a thrilling experience and keeps the user hooked to Stymied.” Warwick Blent also said, “We have designed the game in such a way that the user need not pay to progress. None of the content in the game is blocked by the in-app purchases. Thus enabling the user’s progress based on their skills and activity in the game.”

To learn more about the Stymied puzzle game, or to download the application from the Google Play Store and Apple app store.

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