UIT Institute Is Launching An Ai-based E-Learning Platform with 1500+ Courses at Amazing Low Prices

UIT Institute’s upcoming e-learning platform assures a cutting-edge learning experience through Ai-backed learning software, access to 1500+ courses training from expert instructors in the world and at amazingly low prices.

Miami, Florida – October 9, 2020 – UIT Institute is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their state-of-the-art e-learning platform this month. The platform is backed by futuristic technologies such as Artificial intelligence, CRM and also Ai-Chatbot to provide an advanced 21st century learning experience for students. Students will have access to a whopping number of 1500+ certification courses that would be available at amazing prices. 

The UITI learning platform will be officially launched on October 15, 2020.

Headquartered at Miami, UIT Institute is the global leader in on-demand and instructor-led training courses and certifications. With the world embracing the “new normal trend” in the current pandemic era, the platform is aimed to equip students and professionals to compete like a pro in the changing times of 21st century. UITI offers certifications in a wide range of professional courses, with special focus on – IT Networking, Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Cloud Management, Project Management, Business Skills, Soft Skills, Office Productivity and Software Management. 

“We’re excited to bring to the students one of the largest portfolio in the world. There’s barely a course in the competitive world today that the learners won’t find with us. And you know what else? The students will be provided with lectures by some of the best in each business, in each industry, in each field. We’re giving more than just introductory courses or lectures on basics. We’re giving the students the best education for the certificate they choose. We have never seen any reason to hold back essential education from learners even if they choose a Certificate program,” said Jorge Reyes Jr., CEO & Founder of UIT Institute (UITI).

“Our students will earn PDU’s, CEU’s, CPE’s and will be issued Certificates of Completion of individual courses. We’re going to change online education forever for the better. And we invite learners to join us to fulfill their educational journey with us. Moreover, our discounted rates will ensure you gain access to industry-leading courses from the comfort of your home yet without breaking your bank.” 

The UITI courses will be imparted through video lectures (with closed captioning) as well as integrated quizzes in an easy learning environment. Each course will further include follow-up homework concepts to help students’ gain better understanding on their lessons through “learn by doing” model. Students would have to appear for a final exam at the end of each course. The minimum pass mark for the final exam is 80. The final exam and quiz sessions can be taken as many times needed. Once a student successfully passes the final exam, s/he would be awarded with the Certificate of Completion. 

(In Frame: Jorge Reyes Jr., CEO & Founder of UIT Institute)

Speaking further, the UITI CEO stressed on their strategic inclusion of cutting-edge Ai-backed software in their upcoming learning platform.

“A major factor that separates our learning platform from the regular ones is our incorporation of next-gen technologies. We have equipped our platform with Ai-integrated software to ensure a highly personalized experience for our students, tailored to their individual learning needs. Our Ai-Chatbot will cater to student queries promptly to ensure a comfortable learning environment. And in spite of inclusion of all these futuristic technologies, our platform assures best discounted rates on all our courses.” 

“Unlike regular learning platforms that mostly focus on their profit, our aim is the professional growth of each student that comes to us.” 

For more information, please visit http://www.uitinstitute.com 

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