Solarpath Installs Solar Panels for Commercial and Residential Clients across the Nation

Solarpath Installs Solar Panels for Commercial and Residential Clients across the Nation

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Sydney, New South Wales – October 09, 2020 – Solarpath, an Australian owned and operated retailer of renewable energy-related products, is committed to supplying and installing solar panels for both residential and commercial use. Their solar panels for sale are sourced from the leading brands, including LG, Hyundai, LONGI, JA Solar and SERAPHIM.

When asked about their service, “Our solar panels in Sydney are one of the best investments for your property. Our solar panels are the best financial product as it is capable of generating a good annual return on investment. You’ll receive free electricity from the solar panels as they can last for more than 25 years,” replied the spokesperson of Solarpath.

At Solarpath, they focus on delivering quality commercial solar panels on time and budget meeting the industrial specifications Australia-wide. When you install commercial solar panels for your business, you can reduce carbon footprint, enjoy immediate cost reduction, improve ROI, minimise business risk, improve cash flow, and more.

The spokesperson continued, “With a proven track record of commercial solar systems exceeding industry benchmarks, we continue to supply and install solar panels at commercial premises to make your energy consumption smarter. Our experts provide you with the commercial benefits and other details you need to help you make an informed investment decision. Our fully-customised plan includes the assessment of your electricity consumption profile and suitability of your facility for commercial solar power.”

The expert team at Solarpath is friendly, experienced, and qualified to install solar panels to address your power solutions and meet the demands of your specific installation. They also offer expert advice throughout solar installation and also provide additional cleaning and maintenance services to keep them running.

“All our solar installers in Sydney are trained, certified, and accredited to perform the solar installation in both commercial and residential areas. We follow the industry’s best-practised standards to make sure that you are receiving a service that fulfils your requirement and second to none. We never allow someone on your rooftop without proper experience or qualification,” concluded the spokesperson.

The solar panels cost in Sydney is around $2500 to $6500, and it may vary depending on the location, features, reliability, efficiency, and more. The approximate cost of a good quality solar power system is $ 2500 to $4000 for a 1.5 KW system size and $8000 to $12000 for a 10KW system size. You can expect to add an extra 20% to this cost if you are opting for micro-inverter or save $700 if you downgrade to budget inverters. Solarpath is your ultimate option if you are looking to buy solar panels in Sydney.

About Solarpath:

Incorporated in 2012, Solarpath supplies and installs quality solar panels in Sydney for both residential and commercial use at affordable rates. Visit for more information.

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