Rainmaker Worldwide And Sphere 3D Exploit An Ocean of Opportunity; Can Bring Millions Of People Fresh Water Anytime, Anywhere

Many companies set out to change the world. But other than having a catchy phrase in their tagline, few actually rise to the challenge. One company, though, Rainmaker Worldwide (OTC: RAKR), can make a difference. And, they are embarking on a mission that can not only change the world but can save potentially millions of lives in the process by producing almost limitless amounts of clean, potable water from their Air-to-Water and Water-to-Water technologies.

More importantly, this leading and affordable Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) provider will not only help solve a global water crisis, but its easy to deploy, inexpensive, and efficient water-producing units can fill water demands for communities worldwide (this appears as though we are selling machines as well). Better still, its technology can produce water in as little as five days after set-up.

From an operations perspective, while Rainmaker is busily transforming its operational capabilities, Sphere 3D (NASDAQ: ANY) is set to soon close on its previously announced definitive merger agreement — expected to close by the end of 2020. This transaction will facilitate Sphere 3D and its wholly-owned subsidiary, S3D Nevada Inc., to acquire all outstanding securities of Rainmaker. Upon completion of the transaction, Sphere 3D expects to remain listed on the NASDAQ market and will change its name to Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (“Rainmaker”), controlling the pieces needed to capitalize on a multi-billion-dollar revenue opportunity. Some estimates place the global long-term market opportunity into the trillions.

Providing Water Where It is Needed Most

Business is expected to ramp quickly after Sphere 3D acquires Rainmaker Worldwide Inc., a Canada-based company that develops fresh-water-producing technologies targeting an estimated $1 trillion water sector. Rainmaker’s proprietary Air-to-Water technology generates clean water that is sustainable and economical in any type of environment. Moreover, this potentially best-in-class process can be completed with or without electricity. 

Rainmaker, an innovative WaaS provider, not only produces clean water from air, but also transforms seawater and/or polluted water into clean drinking water through its decentralized Water-to-Water technology.

Sphere 3D, and others, believe these technologies will seriously disrupt the current water industry by capitalizing on significant advantages over traditional water supply solutions. They especially see opportunities in communities where logistics create barriers to service and leave millions of people without consistent access to clean water. In addition to filling that gap, Rainmaker will exploit its unique ability to place a water-generating unit virtually anywhere and substantially reduce the costs of production and purification of water without compromising quality and quantity.

Unlike massive traditional treatment plants that leave a large carbon footprint, the revolutionary Rainmaker technology instead uses wind and solar power solutions that leave no carbon traces and provide off-grid production capability. That advantage will target a worldwide water crisis and offer scalability and adaptability to multiple environments and landscapes. 

Moreover, the three different sized water-producing Air-to-Water units can generate 5000, 10,000, or 20,000 liters of clean water per day from humidity in the air. The Water-to-Water units can use seawater, brackish or polluted water to generate 37,500, 75,000, or 150,0000 liters of clean water per day. Any customer’s needs can be met by simply adding more units. Not only is the amount of produced water comparable to traditional large-scale facilities, but Rainmaker’s technology does not require the use of potentially harmful chemicals and has virtually no impact on marine and land-based life. 

And while water is plentiful to some, don’t underestimate its scarcity to others.

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Addressing a Global Necessity for Survival


According to the United Nations Water website, 97% of the world’s water is seawater or otherwise undrinkable in its current form. This leaves 3% of water as fresh-water, and of this small 3%, 2.5% of it is frozen solid in arctic glaciers. Effectively, this means that humans, animals, and plants rely on 0.5% of the world’s water for survival, creating a tremendous need for effective purification and distribution solutions. 


Further to water supply deficiencies, in 2010, over $260 billion in economic losses were attributed to inadequate water supply and sanitation. It’s also estimated that at a minimum, $7.5 to $9.7 trillion is needed to upgrade and maintain water infrastructure worldwide. The scenario becomes even more dire when looking toward the future, as the water demands of a growing world population will far surpass the currently available supply. Compounding that problem further is the fact that there is an uneven distribution of water resources. 


Although most of North America, Europe, and Brazil have plenty of renewable fresh water, regions such as North Africa, the Middle East, India, Mexico, and many islands are underserved and desperate for alternative solutions to expensive and hard to maintain industrial plants. And while there are ways to create clean water where it is needed, many of those traditional methods are dependent on the area’s environment. 


Rainmaker’s technology can be the game-changer.


Innovation Meets Demand


Not only can Rainmaker’s innovative technology be a global game-changer for water supply, it could solidify the company’s position in the industry as the leading WaaS provider producing large amounts of high quality, safe to drink water. The most phenomenal part of all this is that the water gets made by using moisture and humidity, polluted water, and even seawater as its primary ingredient. The input costs almost nothing, but the output is worth its weight in gold. 


Moreover, from a logistics standpoint, the company’s Air-to-Water technology can function anywhere the temperature is greater than 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Just as easy, the Water-to-Water unit works anywhere there is access to sea or polluted water. This means that Rainmaker can provide water solutions to countries worldwide regardless of climate or condition. In its estimates, by placing its small, mobile, and easily deployed units, the company can effectively bring fresh, clean, potable water to communities of 200 to 30,000 without the need to build a grid-style infrastructure.


Making Water Accessible and Plentiful 


Rainmaker is also taking advantage of an atmosphere-generated water supply chain that is substantial. They point to the Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather that says the Earth’s atmosphere contains an estimated 37.5 billion gallons of water at any moment. Thus, there is no shortage of raw ingredients. Most importantly, Rainmaker can bring what was once an inaccessible reserve and provide hundreds of thousands of gallons of water daily to communities that need it most. 


Look at it another way. With an estimated 800 million people world-wide who do not have consistent access to clean water, Rainmaker will be changing and saving countless lives. Areas that could immediately benefit from Air-to-Water purification systems include small remote communities, inland communities of islands, disaster or war zones, and corporate CSR programs. Likely customers include commercial or industrial businesses, military, local governments, and NGOs. The company also expects to land WaaS contracts from the billions of dollars dedicated to humanitarian relief. Water delivery and water purification technology are at the top of that list. 


In fact, the company has already been exploiting WaaS opportunities using Air-to-Water technology in 2020, with agreements for corporate CSR programs and humanitarian efforts slated to begin in 2021.


Why Choose Rainmaker’s Systems?


Rainmaker’s systems can deliver water 300% less expensively per liter compared to competitors within the sector. Due to the systems’ cost-efficiency and energy input versatility, more communities globally can be better served. Of utmost interest, though, is that a single Rainmaker system can produce an equivalent of 5000 liters per day on site of consumption while occupying half the space of the current competitor’s technology. Further, they can do so without electricity and the set-up time is exponentially faster. 


In fact, the company’s AW-GO25 5000 liter per day Air-to-Water generator is operational within 5 days of delivery. That means the system can almost instantly transform the water availability of a community and provide access to an often taken for granted sustenance of life.


And not only is Rainmaker providing Air-to-Water solutions that provide industry-leading and sustainable water purification to communities in need, but their Water-to-Water technologies also offer first-in-class water-generating solutions. 


For example, Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water process can be performed at temperatures significantly lower than boiling, which lowers costs associated with conventional distillation. Their technology also has feedwater flexibility, eliminating the need for pre or post-treatment to certain water types. Subsequently, this means that no toxic anti-fouling chemicals are necessary, both reducing cost and waste that could harm the environment. 


From an environmental perspective, Water-to-Water systems can be powered entirely by solar, wind, or hybrid energy sources, significantly reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional large-scale seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO), which is plagued by energy inefficiency and toxic waste.


Thus, through its Water-to-Water technology, Rainmaker has the unique opportunity to target specific geographies, like island nations, that have many available water supplies, but none of it is drinkable. Despite their sometimes depressed economic condition, these locations are often forced to rely on high-cost methods of accessing fresh water, implementing expensive recycling programs, and managing commercial water treatment centers. 


Rainmaker can change those dynamics.


A Big Transformation for Both Rainmaker and The World


Rainmaker can help solve one of our planet’s most significant humanitarian emergencies by providing clean water to communities and areas that need it most. They will do this by replacing traditional water production methods that rely on complicated infrastructure that produce waste and harm the very elements it is trying to protect. 


Moreover, the company’s ambitious mission is not only supported by a strong IP portfolio, but the management team is also best-in-class. It would be remiss to not point out that the former Head of Corporate Development/Chief Investment Officer at General Electric, Aris Kekedjian, will join the company as Chairman of its Board of Directors. It must also be highlighted that in January 2020 Michael Skinner, Rainmaker’s former Chief Strategy Officer (2015-2017) and current Advisory Board Chair of the Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT), was appointed CEO of Rainmaker to transition the company to its current WaaS business model. These appointments clearly demonstrate that the company can attract the top 1% of management and advisors to its team. That asset alone can bring exponential future value.


Finally, revenues matter. To expedite new cash-flow, the company is expected to expand its reach through a distributor-based WaaS model with over 15 global partners. Further, the company aspires to secure 30-40 WaaS contracts and expects EBITDA to reach 25% of revenues over the next three years. But, while money is the lifeblood of corporate survival, keep this in mind. With the scalable, affordable, and technological advantages of its Air-to-Water and Water-to-Water platforms, Rainmaker could genuinely become one of the instrumental companies in solving one of humanity’s greatest needs. 


That measure might not surpass shareholder’s interest in profit, but it would undoubtedly become one of the most significant humanitarian accomplishments in this century. All eyes on Sphere 3D.




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