Sandor Poppinga Announces Nature Eco-Aware Travel Documentary Film Exploring The Beautiful Mergui Archipelago In Myanmar

The German Independent filmmaker, who resides in Austria, wants to help the world know about Mergui Archipelago. The place is full of wonders, nature, and facing its own challenges

Independent filmmaker, Sandor Poppinga, is proud to announce his science documentary film titled “Mergui.” The film is about the Mergui Archipelago, a very remote area in the nation of Myanmar. 

The movie exhibits the natural beauty of the region, along with its wonders and issues. Viewers are taken on a fun and adventure journey as they explore the sea, villages, its people, and underwater life. 

Mergui offers viewers an interesting perspective of a region representing some of the best natural beauty and wonders of the world. It is a diverse tribute to Myanmar’s country and a realistic depiction of its natural wonders and problems: “an ecological cautionary tale.” 

The film is on Amazon Prime. In the US, it is available for free on and other streaming channels. 

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Several things make Mergui a film that everyone should see. Many people have not been to remote areas of the world or experience underwater ecological life. The filmmakers made a very successful attempt to document life in this place and offer a story from an angle never before seen on screen. 

There is also the music, which rhymes with the images, thereby elevating the storytelling values. Viewers will also enjoy the calming effect of the water footage, locals’ activities, and the natural and untouched environment. 

The documentary is content, helping to promote the works of an environmental scientist. It shows the challenges Mergui is facing to counter the effects of environmental degradation and global warming. 

Mergui has received recognition from top international institutions. This includes the official selection for the Science Film Festival 2020, organized by the Goethe-Institute and is a celebration of science communication in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The festival runs until Dec 20, 2020. 

It also received Silver Trophy at the Deauville Green Awards and selection at the Saratov Sufferings Documentary Film Festival, Austrian Film Festival, and Italy Green Film Festival. 

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