Breakthrough Acoustic Therapy Device to Transform Health and Wellness

BELLEVUE, WA – October 9, 2020 Pain, Anxiety, depression and other stress-related illnesses have become an epidemic and further weakens the immune system. Additional amplifiers such as the advent of Covid-19 and other contagions combined with poor diets, mental stress, and environmental factors have thrown many lives completely out of coherence and balance. A new product entering the market merges cutting edge technology, science, and holistic “medicine” to provide substantial relief for those affected – Introducing VIVRE™ by HI Viber, LLC.

The Vivre device is placed directly on the body to deliver specificity developed programmed acoustic frequencies providing a safe, drug and chemical free solution to a wide range of ailments and issues. The integrated audio jacks allow the user to hear as well as feel the vibration depending on the selected program, driving an immersive healing experience.

Vivre™ fits in the palm of the hands to target areas on the body with precision, flexibility and support where it uses patent pending Poly-Pulse™ multi-channel signaling for deep cellular effects. Connected via Bluetooth® to the free companion app V-Resonator™, Vivre “plays” vibrational frequencies programs composed to treat a specific issue – entraining the body thru resonance to regain homeostasis. 

“Vivre is a break-thru delivery system to administer a scientifically proven, FDA Approved alternative therapy that has been proven to provide relief for decades explained Vivre creator Joel Johanneson. “We designed the Vivre to work seamlessly with the V-Resonator™ app. The app makes it easy to select the appropriate program treating a wide range of issues for the entire family.”

The Vivre is available at:

For further information or PR enquiries, contact: Joel Johanneson, Marketing and PR, at 425-894-9279 & [email protected]

About Hi Viber, LLC: 

Hi Viber, LLC, was established in 2019, is an innovative company that focuses on breakthrough products and methodologies to establish and maintain wellness to all living beings.

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