How Gainsky is providing trading solutions amidst the current global economic climate

How Gainsky is providing trading solutions amidst the current global economic climate

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Berlin, Germany – The coronavirus pandemic has brought about different uncertainties to people all over the world. It has also affected millions of people and businesses, leaving several people unemployed. According to the International Labor Organization, the COVID-19 crisis will affect nearly 200 million full-time workers in the coming months. For those affected by the crisis, an alternative income stream, such as forex trading, can help weather the current situation.

For those who are looking at starting to trade in the forex market, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Like any asset, trading currencies can be very risky. Traders can potentially earn high profits but can also lose the funds quickly. To help traders, especially new ones, manage risks and execute trades, finding the right trading platform is the key. This is where Gainsky Investments come in.

Gainsky Investments is a social trading platform that allows new and experienced traders to copy and follow expert traders’ trading strategies. The company has the Red Eagle Team, Yellow Flashlight Team, and Blue Ted Team. Each team has its own strategy that is perfect for every type of trader, whether conservative or aggressive, any trader can find the team they’re fit to follow.

Social trading is a type of trading that allows traders to mimic the trading behavior of their peers or more experienced traders. This is perfect for those who are just starting in the forex market and still learning their ropes through it. Experienced traders can also benefit from this type of trading, especially for those who are tired of executing and strategizing their every trading move.

Nowadays, finding a new job can be challenging. Those who are gravely affected by the crisis can now find comfort in trading as their alternative income stream. With Gainsky, anyone can now start enjoying the benefits of the lucrative forex market, especially during tough times.

About Gainsky

Gainsky is a wealth management and trading service provider led by Ivy League-educated Robert Bentz (CEO), who specializes in financial management. Bentz founded the company in 2018 after sensing a major business opportunity in the digital asset industry. The company is headquartered in Germany but it maintains a growing presence in China and other parts of Asia. The company’s trading experts have executed more than 400,000 trades in 2018 with a notably high 83% success record.

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