Bringing positivity to Lebanese export, Choose Lebanon is the first Lebanese online marketplace

Choose Lebanon is the first Lebanese online marketplace and mobile application that sells Lebanese products worldwide. With an aim to improve the export of Lebanon and to strengthen the economy, Choose Lebanon has been made as an initiative to send a positive message of support and optimism to Lebanese exporting companies. Choose Lebanon is a non-profit and non-political initiative.

Lebanon – Export is one of the major factors that determine the economy of a country. Exporting locally-made products can strengthen the economy of any country. Keeping that in mind, Choose Lebanon has been developed, an online marketplace and mobile application that provides people all around the world to buy Lebanese products. Choose Lebanon has been developed by a group of Lebanese and Saudi friends who aim to strengthen the name of Lebanon in the e-commerce world. This initiative lets customers buy Lebanese products including clothes, beverages and Arabic sweets online.

After the explosion in Beirut on August 5, 2020, the idea of Choose Lebanon came into being. It was felt obligated by the founders that Lebanon needs to step into the international e-commerce world and to increase the export ratio. The company was founded by friends from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, who thought it was a good idea to present a positive image of Lebanon to the world and to stay abreast with international trade. The founders strive to consolidate Lebanese exports all over the world and to bring more businesses within Lebanon to join this initiative that will eventually lead Lebanon and its economy to a bright future.

Choose Lebanon sells genuine Lebanese-made products that can’t be found anywhere else. Selling genuine products that are made in Lebanon and then selling them locally as well as internationally will increase the export rate of Lebanon. So far, 25 registered happy Lebanese suppliers are active on Choose Lebanon, who are shipping the products worldwide. More and more suppliers are joining the platform. Choose Lebanon is free of any kind of political and profitable gain. The founders solely want to boost the export of Lebanon that can paint a positive picture in front of the world.

Lebanese companies are on the verge of decay, Choose Lebanon was an initiative to help save the Lebanese trade. Developing new e-commerce exporting companies like Choose Lebanon is the only way of saving the name of Lebanon in the world of e-commerce and international trade. The app provides an intuitive user interface that is easy-to-use so that the maximum number of customers can use the app and make purchases.

Choose Lebanon has a large variety of Lebanese products including jewellery, clothing, beverages, organic food, paintings and so much more. All the products are locally made in Lebanon and can be shipped all over the world. The world can now experience Lebanese products with a single click of a button. People all over the world can now support Lebanese export by buying Lebanese products on Choose Lebanon.

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