Queen Musia The Cat Melting Hearts All Over The Web

With more than 70,000 followers, Queen Musia is an up and coming instagram star.

It might be a dog eat dog world out there, but Queen Musia, a glamorous doll face cat, is melting hearts around the world with her internet personality. She can be recognized by her natural eyeliner that accentuates beautiful big round green eyes, and she’s taking over Instagram.

Queen Musia resides in California with her owner, who she almost certainly considers her royal subject, and is frequently the center of social media posts. For example, after the first vice presidential debate, the Queen posted an image of herself with the caption “I’m Sorry, I’m Speaking,” a nod to the future vice president and strong woman Kamala Harris. Queen Musia is absolutely a monarch in her own right.

As it stands, Queen Musia has a very strong Instagram presence with more than 74,000 followers who await her every post. Each post depicts Queen Musia being the sassiest of sassy cats, giving adorable looks and showing off her beloved eyes. She’s almost always shown in graceful poses around the house, and an occasional video gives her followers a more accurate glimpse into her personality and day to day life.

Now, Queen Musia has announced that she will be offering an exclusive selection of merchandise for her loyal fans. This merchandise can be accessed through her social media pages and website, and when visitors arrive at the merchandise page, they can choose which Queen Musia style they would like to browse: Cartoon, Cat Burger, or Predator. Each style includes dozens of products that include sought-after items such as T-shirts and hoodies for men, women, and kids; tote bags; coffee cups; scarves; and much more.

Queen Musia is also dedicated to promoting health, and so she has announced that fans can now buy face masks with her likeness.

Although Instagram has a fan base for famous dogs, Queen Musia is taking control with her own unique personality and following. Cat and dog people have very different personalities, studies show, and cat people can definitely get their daily dose of stereotypical cat-isms and cuteness from Queen Musia when they follow her on social media.

Queen Musia intends to continue to wow her fan base with new memes, images, videos, and products over the course of the year and beyond. Whether people simply love cats or animals or are just looking for a new Instagram handle to follow, Queen Musia invites people to learn more about her at https://www.queenmusia.com/.

About Queen Musia

Queen Musia is an social media star beloved for her natural mascara and eyeliner, squishy face, and beautiful big round green eyes.

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