Aureus Inc. Stock Symbol: ARSN is an Established Food Brand Acquisition and Development Company Creating a Large Industry shift with their New Innovative Micro Markets

Aureus Inc. Stock Symbol: ARSN is an Established Food Brand Acquisition and Development Company Creating a Large Industry shift with their New Innovative Micro Markets


  • Management Focused on Operations in High Sales Volume Food Sector. 
  • Primary Brand Yuengling’s Ice Cream Celebrates 100th Anniversary. 
  • New Focus on Micro Markets to Optimize Sales and Revenues.

Aureus Inc. (OTC ARSN) is a food brand development company focused on acquiring and growing well-established food brands. ARSN seeks opportunity, and in the food sector, this is enormous. ARSN evaluates acquisition potential and the growth that can occur with the application of new insights. The new company agenda is in acquiring specific assets related to the food industry, with emphasis on Micro Markets. ARSN recent accomplishments include the completion of an agreement with Healthy SmartMarts to rollout Micro Markets with a target of 30 locations before year end.

  • Shareholder Update on Key Accomplishments and Company Growth Plans

On October 1st, 2020 – ARSN provided a Shareholder Update from CEO Everett Dickson. This address followed a live video interview with Mr. Dickson via Stock Investor Daily which can be reviewed on YouTube here:

Micro Markets

The Micro Markets opportunity can quickly scale revenues and own retail locations, giving ARSN the added benefit to launch new food brand products. This is a high growth sector, with low capital requirements, quick to deploy, with low employee count, all factors allowing rapid scaling. In fact, the number of active Micro Market locations grew 574% from 2,642 locations in 2012 to 17,806 in 2016.

Micro Markets look and feel like modern convenience stores while functioning with the ease and efficiency of vending foodservice and refreshment services. They provide an improved customer experience and greater product variety, with a proven track record of increasing sales at vending locations while keeping labor costs down and increasing operating efficiencies. They consist of an open rack display, reach in coolers or/and freezers and a self-checkout. ARSN has identified a virtually untapped market in smaller business break and lunch rooms with 50 to 300 employees. These locations are still highly profitable where, a study conducted by Parlevel Systems showed locations with 125 employees generates on average over $1,000 per week.

At present, there are approximately 23,600 locations in the US, growing over 6% from the previous year. In 2017, this segment of vending generated close to $1 billion in sales. By 2022, it is projected there will be more than 39,000 micro market locations in the US. The layout of a micro market can be customized to suit different workplaces and therefore no space is wasted. They can be installed in a corner or take up an entire room.

Locations can be deployed in approximately 60-90 days and ARSN looks forward to growing its network nationally. ARSN is an early adopter and expects to scale quickly to take advantage of a current competitive advantage. While it’s too early to project the ultimate size of the network, ARSN would expect to eventually grow to 1,200 to 2,500 locations nationally over time.

  • The First 10 Micro Markets are purchased and being deployed NOW

Yuengling’s Ice Cream:

The Yuengling’s Ice Cream brand is a high protein, light, product line. ARSN has used the recent Covid related slowdown time to progress new flavor development and expand on-line sales. ARSN will also seek to include Yuengling’s Ice Cream in appropriate Micro Mart locations and expects to continue to grow on-line sales and additional retail distribution in the 1st Quarter of 2021. ARSN owns the assets and trademarks of the Yuengling’s Ice Cream brand, and the exclusive right to market and sell the products of the brand.

ARSN has already reduced the overall debt by nearly $500k. The company’s goal is to continue to strengthen its financial status in the balance of 2020. 

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