NHUers under the sun guard production safety

In the burning sun, there was such a group of people, from the dawn to the sunset, day and night, continuing to rush to the front line of overhaul, and completing the maintenance tasks on time, with quality and quantity, so as to build a safety defense line for the production in the second half of the year.

The forklift drivers kept going back and forth between the freight yard and the truck, starting, shifting, moving and forking. Beads of sweat fell down their cheeks, but did not affect their persistence. The basic protection of welding was to prevent scald, so no matter how hot the weather was, thick work clothes, thick rubber gloves, safety helmet, protective mask could not be lacked. Even if they were sweating, they did not stop working. In the workshop, the working space of switchgear was narrow, and the high-voltage electricians crawled on the ground and huddled in the cabinet to carry out the maintenance work of 10kV switch cabinet with high difficulty.

In daily work, the staffs seldom have the opportunity to dismantle the generator. By taking the opportunity of overhaul, the section chief explained the working principle of the generator for the staffs. The combination of theory and practice could promote the practical skills of the staff.

At the same time, the leaders of each site and business division also delivered supplies and care to the workers. They asked all departments to reasonably arrange the overhaul time, while paying attention to the progress of overhaul projects, they must implement various safety measures and heatstroke prevention measures, and earnestly safeguard the safety and health of the operators on site.

They showed extraordinary brilliance in their ordinary jobs. It was because of their efforts that the safe and stable operation of the company’s production equipment and the normal operation activities in various departments and bases can be achieved. Let’s pay tribute to them!

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