How to make the repeat order with the same color?

How to make the repeat order with the same color?

Greenland is professional for modern workwear, ourdoor leisure garment… We make many repeat orders for clients. There is one very important factor for repeat order that how to keep fabric with same color for every repeat order?

Figure out the standard color.

Panton No.

We can indicate standard color with Panton No., but must make clear which kind of Panton book, TPX, TCX, or TPG etc. And we make sure all related parties use the correct Panton book during all procedure.

Color swatch.

If we take color swatches as standard color, then client, garment supplier and dyeing factory must keep the same color swatches cut from one piece fabric to avoid color difference between each other. This is the standard color for all future repeat orders, not last bulk fabric color.

The standard fabric swatches must be well preserved. We store the swatches into polybag with hole closed in box to keep away the harmful exhaust, fumes, chemicals, water and sunlight. As all that will make the swatches a fade color.

  1. Color control procedure.

For every repeat order, we check lab dips A,B,C firstly to select the best one compared with standard color.

Then dyeing factory can dye hundreds meters with request coating or other finishing treatment as PP fabric. This procedure is necessary as the fabric color may slightly change after finishing treatment. So we must guarantee the final color is correct. If not, color still could be repair before finishing treatment.

After approval, bulk fabric could be proceed with dyeing and finishing treatment. But before delivery, we will do final check of fabric from every dyeing vat to see whether all of them are acceptable compared with standard color. Meanwhile, we will check if there is obvious color difference between each dyeing vat. If any vat goes wrong, we  reject and remake till approval. Only after final approval, fabric can be delivered to our factory.

3. How to check color.

The first standard is our eyesight in daylight.

Then we check color again in light box, artificial daily light D65. Additionally under TL84 as a secondary light source to check the color. Observer must wear neutral color clothing and avoid any reflection on color submission. Visual angle should be 45 degrees to the fabric.

Digital assessment – as an additional checking way. This source is used to appoint the direction for color correction. Both our dyeing factory and us use DATACOLOR system to help giving exact data to correct the colors. And the exact data also help us to decide which color is the best one if we can not figure out from eyesight and light box.

Above is how we keep fabric with same color for every repeat order. If you have any idea, welcome to talk with us. We’d like to share with you. Thanks!

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