A Set Of Vertical Sand Making Machine And Pulse Bag Filter Has Been Shipped From Vietnam

A Set Of Vertical Sand Making Machine And Pulse Bag Filter Has Been Shipped From Vietnam
Recently, a set of vertical sand making machine and pulse bag filter has been shipped from Vietnam.

The vertical sand making machine of Weifang Guote Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. is a special equipment for stone and inch sand making developed by professional technical research and development personnel.

It is mainly used to make plate sand.The vertical sand making machine of Guote equipment adopts high-purity and wear-resisting ceramic liner, which can produce no impurities in the production process.

Besides, it is equipped with pulse bag filter, which can collect fine powder and dust produced in the production process.

Keep the environment clean, no dust pollution, meet the national environmental protection standards, assured production! 

The feeding requirements of the vertical sand making machine of national special equipment are 2-3 cm of raw material, which falls directly into the high-speed rotating rotor from the upper part of the machine.

Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed, and the material entering the center is thrown out to the periphery through the centrifugal force of the rotor.

Under the action of high speed centrifugal force, it produces high speed collision and high density crushing with the other part of materials scattered around the turntable in an umbrellalined way.

After the stone hits into the material layer, it forms three sides, which results in a better shape of sand grain and solves the problem of poor shape of traditional vertical sand making machine.

After the stone hits each other, it will form eddy motion between the rotary table and the casing and cause many times of mutual hitting, friction, crushing, and finally discharged from the outle.

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