Rose Grower Asif Ali Gohar’s Latest Development in the rose-growing industry

Asif Ali Gohar, a professional rose grower and father of two, has been well known due to his relentless contribution to the industry in the country. His experience working in his family-owned floral shop for over a decade has helped him sharpen his risk-taking behavior and innovative skills in crossbreeding roses. While this is seemingly a challenge for most professional gardeners, Asif Ali Gohar is known to go beyond his boundaries when it comes to roses.

Most recently, Asif Ali Gohar became the talk of the town. Now he has made news headlines across the globe. He has made an astounding development in the rose-growing industry. This is not the first time for Asif to have done so. With his exceptional interest in innovation, Asif successfully developed a new typology of roses which is named after the rose grower himself, the Gohar rose. Naming the Gohar rose after its creator is only appropriate as Asif Ali Gohar deserves every bit of credit. This is certainly an exceptional triumph, as it is a great representation of the innovation that they are aiming to aspire young creatives and professionals in the industry.

Developing a new classification of floribunda roses is no easy task for any rose grower. It took Asif Ali Gohar years of experimentation to achieve fascinating results. He also mentioned that his patience and meticulous attention to detail has contributed to his success. The Gohar rose is the perfect cross between the Bengal Rose and Rosa multiflora. Asif was inspired to create a rose that stands outs from the rest. He takes great pride in his work and essentially desired to place this rose on the map amongst the competitive rose-growing industry.

What makes the Gohar rose so prominent is its luminous color, vibrant petals, and enchanting long stem. It is best planted during the autumn season, and gardeners have shared Asif’s guidance and support to maintain perfection in blooming. Also, clienteles of Asif Ali Gohar’s flower shop have shared their positive testimonies – once displayed in a home, it is said the Gohar rose is the perfect accessory that can guarantee you to receive compliments from guests who visit their household. The Gohar is truly eye-catching. It is popular for many different occasions.

Due to the high demand of the Gohar rose in the family-owned flower shop is often out of stock. The floral shop does not entertain any reservation, and only processes orders for the Gohar rose on a first-come-first-serve basis. This sometimes leave customers disappointed, but also on high alert once they know that the Gohar rose is ready to be purchased. With this, Asif Ali Gohar is said to be in discussion with multiple distribution partners to increase production as a nation-wide project first before proceeding with worldwide distribution.

Asif Ali Gohar is passionate about ensuring his customers get the best service and accessibility to the Gohar rose. This reflects in the price of the Gohar rose, it is surprisingly quite affordable despite its novelty and distinctive nature. Even with Asif’s admirable focus on quality, the renowned rose grower still aims to provide the fair products to his customers. According to Asif Ali Gohar, his definition of success encompasses of brightening up homes with the vibrant Gohar rose.

While this is a revolutionary circumstance for the rose-growing industry, it is not the first time for Asif Ali Gohar to succeed. With his emphasis on continuous innovation, Asif Ali Gohar will certainly continue to delight the citizens with his exquisite roses.

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