Juan Cruz: Founder Of “Data Gen Consultora” Gets Businesses Growing To The Next Level With Digital Data Services

Juan Cruz: Founder Of "Data Gen Consultora" Gets Businesses Growing To The Next Level With Digital Data Services

Finding a strategic way to promote your company and get to know your customer base can be a tremendous way to enhance your business. The data gen consultants at “Data Gen Consultora” have plenty of methods to reach out to your current and potential customers so your company can start seeing the profits that your hard work deserves.

As a business owner, you have way too much work on your hands to be worrying about marketing and promotion. Juan Cruz is an exceptional community manager from Argentina whose business firm offers companies digital marketing & branding services, among many others too, to ensure your business’s growth. 

Juan offers many great services through “Data Gen Consultora” to get your services noticed by the right people. These include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Webpage Design
  • Telephone Surveys; Telemarketing
  • Big Data

The experts at “Date Gen Consultora” are able to tackle any other challenge your business might face when it comes to getting noticed by more paying customers.

Masters Of Social Media

You have so many potential customers browsing their social media timelines daily. We have many services that help make your social media accounts go viral. Your content will start to trend so you get noticed worldwide.

We use a mix of campaign strategies and a little bit of help from viralizing bots to get your social media accounts seen by the right people. Our services can help get your accounts more likes, followers, and subscribers. 

Programming of Selling Platforms

You may not only want to showcase your products on your website, but also offer a selling platform to customers allowing them to directly purchase your products and services  from your website using Paypal or other payment methods. We work on programming and designing a suitable selling platform for your business to ensure you sell your products and services online in an effective way regionally or worldwide.

We also create phone apps for your business, giving customers the freedom to purchase your products and services anytime and anywhere.

Our experts put extra care on fixing up your website, social media accounts, and mobile apps so people want to stick around to see what you’re offering.

Multimedia Design & Digital Marketing

We offer full multimedia design for your website from photo’s, videos to brand logo’s. We decorate your page with high quality images and video attachments while keeping customer user interface very simple and straightforward to use.

The right graphic design makes your webpage more appealing to the right audience. This keeps you your customers pulled into wanting to see more of what you’re offering.

We also offer graphic design services as a separate item for sale if you wish to design other items such as ads banners, photography, etc.

Telephone Surveys

We offer telephone surveys and telemarketing to find out more about your customer base’s opinions. This is a great way to find out what they want to see and how you can improve your products and services. Our surveys are not limited to the phone though, these are some of the other options we use to get you more information:

  • Web and Mobile Surveys
  • Tele-advertisements
  • Big Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Visualization

For more information about “Data Gen Consultora” visit their website at datagenconsultora.com.ar or follow Juan’s Instagram account @rayopositivo

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