RPA Bridge Launches Suite of Cloud Based Software That Uses Robotic Technology To Automate & Streamline Administrative Tasks

RPA Bridge Launches Suite of Cloud Based Software That Uses Robotic Technology To Automate & Streamline Administrative Tasks
In difficult economic times many business owners are looking for ways to reduce overhead in a fight for survival. Introducing automation technology to your business is one way to reduce back office payroll by 30% or more.

Charlotte, NC – October 12th, 2020 – RPA Bridge LLC has announced this week the launch of a “Suite of Automations” cloud-based software that is expected to save business owners tens of thousands of dollars per year by bringing automation to their back office administrative tasks, saving them time and money, a lot of it.

RPA Bridge LLC is a software consulting firm that specializes in automating administrative tasks using Robotic Process Automation. Utilizing Ui Path, the leader in automation software & cieTrade Systems Inc, a veteran in the recycling software space, RPA Bridge LLC has released a “Suite Of Automations” to handle repetitive, logic based, day to day tasks typically performed by persons with a college degree, training and experience, usually earning $40,000-$60,000 annually.

The benefits of the “RPA Bridge LLC Automation Suite” go far beyond simply monetary. Within days the company will experience a reduction in time taken to complete transactions, thus improving cashflow.  Invoices are sent faster with 100% accuracy and inbound bills are posted upon receipt. Capacity will skyrocket leaving more time for critical thinking, problem solving and relationship management.

In a recent interview, the founder of RPA Bridge LLC , Igor Beylin explained that “What we’ve done is successfully built a Digital Administrative Robot that operates on a virtual machine in the cloud. No additional office space is necessary and your existing IT infrastructure is all that is required.  The Automation Suite requires 2-4 weeks to deploy and customers start seeing benefits on day 1.”

He went on to say that “RPA is a Force Multiplier. Automations work at 5-20 times human speed 168 hours per week without breaks or becoming fatigued. One Un-Attended Bot running 24/7 is the equivalent of more than 20 people doing the same work 40 hours per week, at a fraction of the cost.” 

The advantages of automating office work using bots are tenfold, including less time spent managing people, improving accuracy, reducing bottlenecks which slow growth, increasing transaction capacity, and streamlining workflow. The benefits also trickle down to the customer as they often notice a faster process and a stronger customer support team.  When less time is spent on admin tasks, more time can be spent servicing the customer and tending to their needs.

To learn more about RPA Bridge LLC and their cloud-based “Suite of Automations”, visit their official website at https://RPABridge.com

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