How Will Manufacturers Break Ice In The Industrial Chiller Industry’s “Cooling Down” In 2020

In 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not only disrupted people’s daily lives, but also affected the sales of the home appliance industry. Even the air-conditioning industry, which is usually hot in sales, seems to be poured into a pot of cold water.

According to the data from Aowei Cloud, the white water market of industrial chillers showed a downward trend in 2020. Among them, the air conditioner market was the most serious. The retail sales of air conditioners in the first quarter were 5.24 million units and the retail sales were 14.9 billion yuan, down 46.6% and 58.1%, respectively. The sales volume and sales of offline entities decreased by 55.63% and 62.85% year-on-year.

On the one hand, the advent of the epidemic depresses people’s consumption demand for air-conditioning products. On the other hand, the air-conditioning industry has to face the new national standard of air-conditioning energy efficiency, which is known as the most stringent in history. The double adverse situation makes the air-conditioning industry suffer.


It is understood that the new standard for air-conditioning energy efficiency, “Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Ratings for Room Air Conditioners” (GB21455-2019) is an important task of the Green Action Plan. According to industry estimates, after the implementation of the new national standard, existing low-frequency and high-power fixed-frequency air conditioners and air conditioners with frequency conversion below three-level energy efficiency will face elimination, with a market elimination rate of around 45%.

In the immediate future of the new national standard for air conditioning, the air conditioning and refrigeration industry has to deal with the destocking problem in front of it, and the most urgent task is to upgrade the energy efficiency of its air conditioning products. If it cannot keep up with the energy efficiency, it is likely to be in the second half of the year. In the market, it lags behind other manufacturers and is even eliminated by the market.

However, promoting the upgrade of its air-conditioning products is not a one-time thing. This requires long-term R&D and improvement of the air-conditioning technology, process, design and other aspects. At the same time, it also has high requirements for spare parts in air-conditioning products, especially for compression. Machine requirements are more stringent.

In the air-conditioning industry, the compressor is regarded as the heart of the air conditioner. It drives the “blood-refrigerant” to all important components of the air conditioner through compression drive, forming a cycle, which enables the air conditioner to operate, and the compressor’s cooling capacity, Volumetric efficiency, energy efficiency ratio and other parameters also often determine the energy efficiency level of the air conditioning product itself. In today’s market, in addition to air-conditioning manufacturers focusing on compressors, more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the brand of air-conditioning products, the importance of which can be seen.


So in the industry, which compressor brands are more prominent in terms of energy efficiency? The configuration of mainstream air-conditioning manufacturers shows that the GMCC compressor brand is a good choice. It is understood that GMCC has continuously explored the energy efficiency upgrade of compressors in response to the needs of overall machine upgrades, energy efficiency policies and other factors. It has introduced “rechargeable cores” 12K and 18K featuring new refrigerants, high energy efficiency, and high reliability. A series of household air-conditioning compressors, as well as the GMCC R290 independent compression second-generation compressor that integrates technological innovation and energy efficiency increase, inject lasting vitality into the air-conditioning industry with a green and efficient energy efficiency upgrade program.

In addition, GMCC has continued to increase research and development efforts, especially in recent years to increase the innovation investment of rotor machines and scroll machines, mastered the frequency conversion jet enthalpy increasing technology, frequency conversion variable volume technology, high frequency technology and large displacement technology, These technologies will spawn a series of more efficient and reliable light commercial compressor products, helping machine manufacturers respond to new changes in the light commercial market.

With the advent of the new national standard for air conditioning, many air-conditioning manufacturers are about to meet the “energy efficiency upgrade” test, and consumer demand for air-conditioning will also change. Energy efficiency will become the general trend of air-conditioning products, and air-conditioning products that meet energy efficiency levels will also Have a stronger competitive strength. I believe that before the official start of the energy efficiency test, air-conditioning manufacturers will be deployed in advance, choose the most suitable compressor, and prepare for the test.

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