Pureloan.com is excited to announce the launch of its proprietary “PureCash” savings calculator for a nationwide mortgage and refinance searches

Pureloan.com is excited to announce the launch of its proprietary "PureCash" savings calculator for a nationwide mortgage and refinance searches
PureLoan has become the first-choice platform for people looking to compare mortgage rates and refinance rates across the largest cities in the USA!

Palo Alto, CA, USA – Pureloan.com is a renowned financial search engine that searches through hundreds of mortgage lenders across the USA, providing its users with the latest and most competitive mortgage rates in their area. Recently, Pureloan.com has developed a proprietary “PureCash” savings calculator for nationwide mortgage and refinance searches. By analyzing the PureCash savings, consumers can make educated decisions while choosing the most suitable lender for loans and mortgages.

Technically, PureCash savings is the cumulative difference in total financial outlay between one lender program and another. An increase in savings indicates a better overall financial deal for the borrower. Pureloan.com has made mortgage shopping easier for consumers in the USA by enabling them to calculate PureCash savings within seconds and for free! While discussing PureCash, one of the spokespersons at Pureloan.com said: “Today, the consumer needs to consult experts and financial advisors – often at a substantial hidden cost –  to understand how the combination of interest rate, APR, closing costs, and monthly payments all affect the final financial burden to the borrower.  Those days are now gone, as Pureloan.com can intelligently combine these mathematical factors into one final calculation that is easy to compare. Pureloan.com aggregates results from hundreds of lenders and mortgage programs.  Additionally, the comparison engine performs these queries using the exact underwriting calculations and adjustments.  These calculations not only return the precise interest rate, APR, closing costs, and monthly payments for the borrower, but also more intelligent conclusions such as “PureCash” savings.”

PureCash can be viewed on the standard search results as well as in the advanced home loan calculator. PureCash is one of the most innovative additions on the pureloan.com website and is in perfect alignment with the founders’ goal of empowering those looking to buy a home to save every dollar on their mortgages.

Pureloan.com is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is a nationwide search engine that considers geographical loan differences, and it encourages users to view search results across major cities in the US such as Boston, Houston, and Los Angeles. Founded by a group of Engineers, Financial Analysts, and Data Scientists from Stanford University, Pureloan.com is one of the most comprehensive, accurate, and transparent mortgage and refinance search engines in the USA. The sophisticated calculators designed by the owners utilize the personal information of the users to accurately estimate interest rates, APR, Monthly payments, and other key financial factors for mortgages and loans.

About the Company:

Pureloan.com is the first website to search and aggregate results from hundreds of nation-wide lenders and loan programs into one universal interface to help consumers easily compare mortgage rates personalized for their unique needs and criteria. The PureCash savings calculator introduced by the company has enabled consumers to compare their cash savings across multiple lenders in the USA.

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