Casttune Launches “Episode Convo” To Help Podcasters Get More Exposure

Innovative Podcast Directory, Casttune, announces the launch of “Episode Convo,” a new algorithmic system to help smaller podcasts get more exposure

Casttune has announced the launch of a new algorithm to help smaller podcast increase their reach with relative ease. The recent move is in line with the platform’s goal of enhancing the growth of the industry by helping smaller podcasts, in particular, to get more exposure and make it relatively easier for podcast creators to market themselves better to potential listeners.

The global podcasting industry has continued to grow over the years, with the increased access to the internet and the emergence of smart mobile devices making it easy for millions of people to listen to their favorite podcasts regardless of their location worldwide. A report published by Grand View Research in August 2020 put the value of the global podcasting market size at $9.28 billion in 2019, with the market expected to continue in that trajectory. However, tons of podcasts creators and hosts, especially for small podcasts, still struggle to reach their target audience. Consequently, Casttune is looking to change this narrative with their range of innovative solutions, a claim substantiated with the recently launched algorithmic system.

Casttune serves as a podcast directory with over 200,000 podcast shows available on the platform and can be downloaded on Google Play, giving the needed exposure to content creators. The unique “Episode Convo” system from Casttune is designed to enhance the engagement between podcasters and their listeners, allowing them to have an open dialog about each episode. Casttune also provides podcasters with in-depth analytics of their listeners to help improve their show and pitch potential advertisers.

The podcast directory is an all-inclusive platform for all podcast fans and creators, as it also allows listeners to subscribe to their favorite podcasts and get a notification via several channels for every new episode. Casttune has also announced plans to launch several solutions that will help podcasters monetize their content.

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About Casttune

Casttune was founded by Ben Bond as a podcast directory to enhance podcasting experience for listeners and podcasters. Ben is an experienced software engineer and decided to launch Casttune to help podcast creators market themselves better to potential listeners.

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