Client Shares Hair Coloring Experience at the Best Women’s Hair Salon in NYC

Nestled right in the heart of the Lower East Side is the ​premium barber shop ​Orchard & Ludlow that services people from all walks of life. The unisex salon has a bevy of services that includes haircuts, beard trims and every so often a color treatment or two.

Most recently, client Nadiri Dorsey, of Artisan Luxury Brands received a color treatment by the salon’s stylist, Sara Grace Judge and during the process Dorsey disclosed her hair journey.

“I’ve always paid attention to my hair because my mom was always about image growing up,” Dorsey shared as Judge began the bleaching process on her tresses. “I would spend a lot of days in the kitchen with a hot comb and all that stuff, but eventually [her mom] relaxed my hair once she started working.”

These tidbits were essential for Judge to know, so that she could properly care for hair that had previously been chemically altered. “I had relaxed hair from five to eighteen and then what pushed me to cut the relaxed hair off was that my sister did it first.”

“It took me a while to embrace my own hair, when I cut it off I hated it. I did a big chop and I was uncomfortable with it for a while. Honestly, I don’t think I got comfortable with my hair up until a year ago.”

Now, a year later Dorsey is making another drastic hair change, this time dying her kinky curls an auburn color. This is a process that Judge took extreme care with given the fact that 4C curls are typically dry and require TLC.

Knowing this about her own hair, Dorsey made sure to book with the ​best hairstylist in NYC stressing how important it is to trust one’s own stylist or barber.

“I’m letting S.G. do my hair because I’ve seen her do hair so I trust her,” Dorsey shared. “Which is weird because when it comes to African-American hair people usually go to someone that looks like them, but since I’ve seen S.G. do hair, I know I’ll be fine.”

“Trust is the biggest thing when it comes to hair.” This statement proved true for Dorsey as once her color treatment by Judge was completed, her natural curls were maintained and looked moisturized.

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About Orchard & Ludlow

Founded by Charlie McCoy in 2019, Orchard & Ludlow is a new take on luxury salons. Right in the heart of the Lower East Side in New York City, Orchard & Ludlow doubles as an art gallery for rising artists and has a bevy of hair and beard care services at their clients disposal.

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