MindTrix Escape Offers Escape Room Games Perfect for all Ages.

Escape rooms are a new way for people to bond and hangout. MindTrix Escape offers fun and exciting escape rooms that test people’s wit and attention to detail.

Unlike other escape room games, MindTrix Escape was started by people who have a passion for escape rooms. The family that started and operates the business has traveled all over the country as well as some parts of Europe to try as much escape room possibilities as they can. With this wealth of knowledge, they finally decided to start their own escape rooms with the help of the best custom puzzle designers. Their escape rooms grew in popularity and have been the go-to for birthday parties, school trips, and corporate events in the area. The games are immersive and use technology to make the experience exciting and memorable. The games that MindTrix Escape offers are perfect for beginners, intermediate, and the pro escape room artists.

School of Magic is perfect for people who are fans of the world of fantasy. In this escape room, players are students of magic on a vacation. A problem suddenly arises and the students are asked by the headmaster for help. They must use not only magic but also their wit to try to uncover the mystery and get them out of the room in time. This escape room is perfect for beginners and intermediate. This is ideal for both family and friend groups looking for new way to bond and hang out.

Tesla’s Mystery is another popular escape room that a lot of people have enjoyed. In this game, players are taken back to New York in 1938 where one of the greatest inventors, Nikola Tesla, has just finished one of his greatest inventions. But something goes wrong and it is the task of players to solve it. Just like the previous game, players need to use their wits in order for them to get out before the time runs out. Tesla’s Mystery is perfect for all ages.

The Time Machine escape room is targeted for science fiction enthusiasts. In this game, scientists are about to make a breakthrough in time travel but not everyone is excited about this new discovery. The enemy wants to prevent time travel from happening and they will do everything to stop it from happening. Players need to piece together clues as to what happened in the lab and stop the enemy from succeeding. This escape room is set at a medium-difficult level.

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