High Cost Performance of the First NMN Launched by Australian Na

Although the NMN market has been growing rapidly in the world in recent years, the high price makes many ordinary people “unable to afford it”. So is there any NMN product with good quality and low price in the market? The Australian brand NA, known as the “price butcher” in Australia, announced the launch of its first NMN recently. And it is reported that its main purpose is to make NMN affordable to ordinary consumers, and will soon land in dozens of global markets including China.

It is reported that NMN can produce a kind of life factor called NAD + in the body after taking it, which can enhance people’s resistance and make people return to a young state. Since its efficacy has been unanimously recognized by authoritative journals such as magazine Cell, this category has been developing rapidly. Since 2017, there have been nearly 100 NMN brands in the market.

Among them, NA brand belongs to Australia AUP group, which is a large health industry group which is good at scientific research in Australia. In addition, its products not only occupy the CW hot sales list of Australia’s largest pharmacies all year round, but also are the sales champion of OTC categories of major pharmacies in Australia. AUP, relying on the world’s first-line scientific research strength, the rare ingredients of the same brand and the price far lower than the competitive products of the same grade, has become Australia’s “industry butcher”, bringing new game rules and playing methods to the industry repeatedly.

Some people disclosed the following information: By comparing the NMN that often costs thousands of yuan a bottle on the market, the single bottle price of NA brand NMN may be less than half of this price. With advanced technology and natural raw materials from Australia, together with attractive competitive prices, the emergence of NA NMN will undoubtedly bring a huge impact on the NMN brand today, and the market order of NMN will be shuffled.

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