Revolutionary Automatic Fall Detection and Preventive Warning System Debuts on Kickstarter

FamilyEye is a state-of-the-art, patented, non-wearable automatic fall detection and preventive warning system which does not require any human action to trigger immediate alarm during emergencies.

It is a dynamic startup, released a patented automatic fall detection system on Kickstarter. The system triggers an alarm immediately after a fall accident at home, so quick help can be obtained before it’s too late. Aptly titled “FamilyEye,” the sensor is a non-wearable device that offers fall-detection and preventive warning, working in tandem with an app.

FamilyEye can be defined as a plug-and-play automatic fall detection system with automatic alarm triggers. The sensor is mounted in the ceiling, and it works with a secured web platform or app where users can set the numbers of caregivers, family members, and possible alarm-triggers.

As per the FamilyEye creator’s statements, the next-gen sensor is designed to resolve the typical inadequacies of the existing home alarm systems to ensure a safer and more independent life for those staying alone. A significant cause of why sometimes existing wearable alarm systems fail to report accidents is that seniors, especially those with dementia, can forget to wear them altogether. Then, even if the person is wearing an alarm system, they might not be able to push the button during an emergency.  

FamilyEye stands out here as a non-wearable automatic alarm system that does not require any human action to trigger an alarm during emergencies. 

“Yes, alarm systems are nothing new, but they mostly need a senior person himself/herself to buzz the alarm when there is an emergency.  The problem is, incidents like fall accidents often leave seniors incapable of buzzing the alarm themselves or informing relatives immediately. This is where our patented state-of-the-art FamilyEye sensor comes to the rescue,” stated by Sylvie De Smet, the founder of FamilyEye.

“FamilyEye does not need you to wear it; rather, it is installed on the ceiling and monitors everything from the top. Backed by intelligent algorithms, the sensor can sense immediately when somebody has an accident. Once it senses a fall or an emergency, it instantly triggers the alarm to inform caregivers and family members, so that help can be arranged before it’s too late.” 

The USP of FamilyEye is that it’s not only an automatic fall detection system. It is also a preventive warning system that maps out a senior person’s whole life pattern. Based on pattern-recognition technology, the sensor automatically detects daily life patterns and warns family members if it senses any notable change in habit or activity. It eventually helps family members to take the necessary preventive action to thwart any possible danger.

“We do not focus enough on preventive measures where alarms are sent when there is movement or not, and also when there are changes in our senior loved one’s daily life pattern. FamilyEye solves this issue.”, the founder states.

Major features of FamilyEye:

  • Non-wearable easy-to-install automatic alarm and fall prevention warning system

  • Passive monitoring system which only gets active when it’s needed

  • Offers view on the fall situation with a 30-second clip without recording

  • Easy to use for disabled people and seniors with dementia

  • Allows free call for senior users with anyone on the stored contact list

“Seniors have every right to live and enjoy life independently without worrying about not being able to reach loved ones during emergencies. Besides, no matter how much we love our parents or elderly aunts and uncles, we can’t be with them all the time. But don’t worry, FamilyEye will take care of our elders and ensure they receive immediate attention during emergencies- even when we can’t be physically present with them. However, such a cutting-edge project demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring FamilyEye to life and make the world safer for our seniors.”

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