Electronic vs. Mechanical Locks: Which One To Prefer?

Both electronic and mechanical locks exist to keep your things safe, but what actually makes them so different? And which one would be perfect for you and your needs?

So, let us give some definitions first. A mechanical lock is similar to that old-school lock you had in high school on your locker. You open it by putting in the right combination which puts lock tumblers in the right position, and this allows the handle to open. Simple, yet effective. 

On the other hand, electronic locks are a bit more advanced. You actually enter your 4 to 6-digit combination, which is stored by the keypad. When the correct combo is entered, the mechanism gets engaged and allows the handle to turn. Now, in order to compare them, there are three factors that should be considered: reliability, ease of usage, and pricing. 

Which is more reliable?

Mechanical locks have been around for centuries and are generally seen as quite reliable. They are also preferred by people who are into the old fashion feel. On the other hand, electronic locks may not be as reliable given their dependence on batteries and will occasionally require you to change batteries. Nevertheless, today’s high-quality electronic locks are now just as reliable as mechanical ones. A lot of the companies that produce them run 1000s of test to ensure reliability. If even one fails, they completely scrap that lock. 

Which is easier to operate?

This is where electric locks get the edge. This is because mechanical locks can sometimes be difficult to open. For example, if you spin it really quickly or if your palms are a bit shaky, it becomes very hard to spring the right combination of numbers into place. It would also be quite difficult to try and open it in the dark or if you have poor eyesight. Moreover, if you wish to alter  the combination, it is not nearly as easy as electronic locks. In fact, in some cases you would actually be forced to contact a locksmith in order to change it.

However, it should be noted that if you use lose electric power or do not have batteries around then you may temporarily lose access to opening the lock. 

Which is more expensive?

In all honesty, price could be the deciding factor for you. Generally, mechanical locks are the standard, and you would usually be required to pay extra in order to upgrades to an electronic lock. Prices may vary greatly depending on the model in questions, as well as, the manufacturing company.  It is always better to work with a reliable local locksmith to help you choose the most appropriate product within your budget. 

At the end, it becomes a matter of whether you are looking for ease or reliability. However, as stated above, most electronic locks today are just as reliable as mechanical ones. Therefore, it seems that electronic locks would, in most cases, have the upper hand given that you are willing to pay a little extra. Moreover, it seems like electronic locks are here to stay and the number of features can only go up from here!

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