5 Reasons Why People Need a Smart Lock in 2020

Many residences and offices are ditching traditional lock systems. You’ll find a lot of homes and commercial spaces using smart locks instead. These are electronic locks that secure your doors using newer technologies like the Internet, Bluetooth, or keyless locking and unlocking.

Smart locking systems may sound complicated but don’t be intimidated by this alternative form of home and office security. You can hire a professional locksmith to handle the selection and installation for you.

Why Do You Need a Smart Lock?

Keeping up with the times is just one reason for using smart locks on your doors and entry points. Here are 5 reasons you need a smart lock in 2020:

  1. You don’t need to keep a lot of keys

Large homeowners, office managers, and building caretakers would agree that carrying around a heavy bunch of keys is largely inconvenient. There’s also the stress of having to keep account of your keys and making sure they are all secure. Smart locks remove that inconvenience because a lot of them are keyless.

  1. You can let people in while you are away without having to give them a key.

Smart locks let you open doors for guests even when you’re not there. Wi-Fi connected locks give you control over the locking and unlocking of your home or office via Wi-Fi. You can let your guests in when you’re running late. They don’t have to wait outside. You also don’t need to give friends or guests a key to access your home while you are away.

  1. Smart locks are also great for homes that are on the market for selling. 

Potential buyers don’t need to wait for you. You just need to unlock the door remotely when they arrive to view your home.

  1. Smart locks add another level of security.

These security systems can monitor the times when someone goes in and out of your home or office. You can set alerts. Plus, instead of leaving a key under the mat, you can just remotely unlock the door for people even when you are far away. You can also change entry codes instantly.

  1. Smart locks are highly useful for family members with physical ailments or disabilities.

People with medical conditions and injuries that affect hand mobility will benefit from smart lock systems. You can do the unlocking of doors for them. Other smart locks can unlock with a tap or a fingerprint scan. Consider installing smart locks if you live with an elderly or someone who is suffering from medical conditions like cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and arthritis.

Final Thoughts

Smart locks provide more convenience and increased security to your home or office. Keyless entries are quicker. You can also change PINs or security access code anytime with ease.  You also have different options to choose from. Choose Wi-Fi connected smart locks or Bluetooth ones. You can also go with keyless entry systems like keypad locks, fingerprint locks, or key-fob type locks. You can always find a reliable nearby locksmith to help you choose and install the best smart lock for your home or office. 

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