Pharma Sentinel Releases ‘Medsii’, A Boon For Patients With Chronic Health Conditions

‘Medsii’ is an App & platform that provides users suffering from chronic health conditions with constantly updated personalized information from around the globe.

London, UK –Pharma Sentinel has released a mobile application that can assist patients in managing their health by using a patient’s preferences and medical condition to select, aggregate, and present information in an easy-to-understand and actionable format. Medsii also provides details of drug side-effects, safety updates of existing medicines, latest clinical trial results and participation opportunities, new drug approvals, product recalls and withdrawals, and the latest clinical guidelines

Medsii is designed to ease patients’ interactions with their prescribed medicines. Medsii makes patients aware of the potential risks and side effects of the medicine they are taking. It is created in a way to provide the most updated information on the medications prescribed to patients from around the world in real-time, directly on their smart-phones. The information provided to patients will be in a format that they can easily understand. Medsii will also help users discover new developments related to their treatment and conditions, thereby reducing the chances of health risks and improving the overall effectiveness of their treatment. Medsii will direct users to local and international patient support group charities for further support as needed, such as Breast Cancer UK, Bipolar UK, and Alzheimer’s Disease International, and Pharma Sentinel will donate 10% of profits from Medsii to these organizations.

According to Rav Roberts, CEO and co-founder of, “Until Medsii, there was no single information source that captured the world’s latest news and information about chronic health conditions from trusted sources, and presented it to people in a consumer-friendly way.” He further added, “Many people turn to the internet for help with their condition, but it can be extremely difficult to find what they need amongst the huge volume of information, including some misinformation – and it might not be there anyway. Medsii delivers the most useful, up-to-date, and, relevant trusted information for medicines users, using an AI-based recommender that constantly adjusts and fine-tunes itself based on user information and continuous monitoring of trustworthy data sources.”

Medsii is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android users respectively.

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