Soul of Light Launches The Dear Universe Letter to Help People Manifest Abundance in Life

Soul of Light’s founder J.J. Scheinwynn introduces the powerful manifestation tool to assist readers in connecting with their true power

The year 2020 brought a lot of challenges to people’s lives around the world. To help individuals become their best selves, Soul of Light founder and spiritual coach J.J. Scheinwynn recently launched The Dear Universe Letter, a manifestation tool created to make each of us achieve our dream life.

“The Dear Universe Letter is a powerful manifestation tool, that can assist the reader in connecting with their true power because it is written in the language of the Universe,” Scheinwynn said.

People familiar with the personal development industry’s law of attraction, manifestation, and abundance mindsets can use The Dear Universe Letter as an accompaniment to their practice. Scheinwynn shares that the 5 “I AM” affirmations in the letter bring true power to the user.

He also believes that manifesting a better life for one’s self creates a domino effect of miracles for every person on the planet, and this is an opportunity to claim one’s impact on the world.

“Your actions and words powerfully impact your life. You can begin living your best life right now by speaking your intentions in the language of the Universe,” Scheinwynn shared.

Scheinwynn wrote the letter during the time of the pandemic. Since using it, he has been surprised by the opportunities that have come into his life. Miraculous happenings allowed the opportunity to build out the entire Soul of Light platform, which includes the Dear Universe Letter and his plans to start a non-profit organization. All of this came after using the letter and being open to the miracles that surprised him as they unfolded.

Using the Soul of Light platform, individuals can engage with the founder as he offers higher dimensional insights and spiritual guidance in reclaiming one’s power to become their best self.

According to Scheinwynn, reclaiming one’s power is as simple as requesting it from the Universe. He advises people to think of the letter as an affirmation, a prayer, or a simple act of faith and that the Dear Universe Letter is a divine gift of healing love energy to the world.

People who would like to know more about Soul of Light and The Dear Universe Letter can follow the brand’s social media accounts to know more about it and share its inspiring content with the world.

Soul of Light’s non-profit organization, Institute of Light Consciousness, welcomes gifts or donations to help establish and support its activities and initiatives that create an impact on the world.

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Soul of Light is a platform that seeks to bring The Dear Universe Letter, authored by spiritual coach J.J. Scheinwynn, to people ready to embrace a life of abundance. The Dear Universe Letter is an important accompaniment to any manifestation practice that can assist the reader in connecting with their true power.

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