At UC Merced, Psychological Studies Are Very Popular

At UC Merced, Psychological Studies Are Very Popular

Studying how the mind thinks and the brain processes and learns information is what psychological science is all about. Psychological Sciences aims to understand human behavior — from neurons to societies — and translate that knowledge to improve the human condition. For those who choose this area of study for a career, logical and rational thinking becomes a way of life. Understanding how to create, test, and form hypotheses about behavior and underlying factors often lead to an improvement in cognitive and social development for Understanding human behavior can improve everyday decision-making skills, the ability to interact with others, and, ultimately, lead to success in life.

Rational and Logical Thinking Skills Play an Important Role

Learning to work effectively with others by thinking rationally and logically is the main component that students learn when choosing psychological science. Psychology, being the science of behavior, is at the root of this area of study. Students learn how to apply scientific methods to study human behavior and the underlying factors that are part of the thought process. Some psychological scientists use this knowledge to analyze, refine, and measure behavior.

A Bachelor Degree is Only the Beginning

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychological science can open doors to many professions. Business, education, human services, law, academia, and communication are some areas where this degree is helpful. However, some workplaces may require an advanced degree. 

An Advanced Degree is an Asset

A strong undergraduate degree program should prepare a student for the GRE required for admittance to graduate school. The GRE is a standardized test that measures a student’s analytic and reasoning skills. Once accepted into graduate school, a student must take the required number of units to obtain a Psychological Science Ph.D. with an emphasis on one of these areas: health, developmental, and quantitative studies. For information regarding an advanced degree, please visit

Consider a Focus in Health, Developmental, or Quantitative Psychology

A specific area of study plays an important part in any Ph.D. plan. In the field of psychological science, a focus on health, developmental, or quantitative psychology opens doors to many opportunities. Health and development somewhat overlap, and they both use quantitative methods to reach conclusions. Health and development studies behavior change throughout a person’s life, while quantitative psychologists create how data is gathered and the statistics that are used to analyze it. Please visit for more information.

A Strong Education Prepares Students for the Future

The University of California, – Merced Psychological Sciences department is located in Merced, California, near Yosemite National Park. Opened in 2005, this university is one of the youngest research universities or institutions in the United States. The cutting edge university is student-focused and has an extensive professional development program that caters to the needs of its graduating students.

Obtaining a psychological science degree at UC Merced means more than just having a piece of paper. Students participate in a mentoring program that provides them with the best research training in the field. Students working on a Ph.D. will have an understanding of basic core knowledge, know how to gather data and apply statistics, participate in pedagogy classes, have effective communication skills for the field of psychology, exhibit professionalism, and conduct independent research.

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