Birchbury’s Wide Toe Box Shoes Give Men the Ultimate in Comfort

New design gives modern shoes a minimalistic twist

In America, nearly eight out of ten people report having some sort of foot pain at some point in their lives, underscoring a need for better foot pain prevention. Interestingly enough, foot pain can be associated with back pain and other ailments, leaving many to wonder what the true culprit is. Birchbury, founded by CEO Matt Tran, is taking a stand on foot pain with their special shoe design that lets feet and toes spread the way they’re supposed to.

While most shoes constrict the feet, especially the toes, Birchbury has launched a line of men’s shoes that does just the opposite. With Birchbury’s designer shoes, fashion meets function. While there are a number of shoes available today that are marketed as “barefoot” shoes, they don’t always often much aesthetic appeal. The team at Birchbury has created leather, stylish shoes with a wide toe box design for the ultimate in comfort.

Their new shoes are called Bramfords, and customers are saying they are comfortable right out of the box. “Awesome shoes!,” said one recent customer. “Soft supple leather, easy on and fit is just right. The soles protect your feet but you still feel as if you’re going barefoot.”

Bramfords are ultra soft and designed with elastic shoelaces so that they can be easily slipped on and off. They feature a thin, minimalist sole that lets “your toes spread out the way nature intended them to”. Their flexible outsole makes it possible to get a full range of motion, and a luxury insole also lends to the remarkable comfort customers report.

Birchbury recognizes that there are other options for comfortable and “barefoot” shoes, but Bramfords are among the most cost-effective, comfortable, and fashionable options available on the market today. Plus, their easy sizing system makes it so that customers can find their best fit ahead of ordering.

To get started, prospective customers can visit the Birchbury website, print out potential insoles to find the right size. If customers don’t have access to a printer or time to find an accurate size, their customer support team says that customers can choose their regular size. For customers who aren’t 100% satisfied with their Bramfords, a 30-day no questions asked refund policy is available.

Birchbury offers free expedited shipping with each order. More information can be found at

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Birchbury offers men’s wide toe box shoes designed for the ultimate in comfort.

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