Several problems that should be paid attention to regarding liquefied gas bottle transport

Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder is a kind of movable pressure vessel with different pressure, volume, structure and material, which is used to store and transport gas, liquefied gas and dissolved gas. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when transporting the cylinder:


1. The means of transportation must be safe and reliable.

2. Wear the cap and shock ring, and unload the cylinder lightly. Throwing, sliding, rolling and contact are strictly prohibited.

3. During hoisting, it is forbidden to use electromagnetic crane and metal wire rope.

4. The contact of gas in the cylinder may cause combustion and toxic gas, which can not be transported by carriage. If it is flammable, corrosive or has chemical reaction with the gas in the cylinder, it can not be transported by cylinder.

5. The cylinder should be fixed properly during vehicle transportation. When standing, the height of the carriage should be more than two-thirds of the height of the bottle. When lying down, the valve end of the bottle should be in the other direction.

6. If it is transported in summer, sunshade facilities should be set to avoid exposure to the sun. In urban areas with large traffic flow, daytime traffic should be avoided.

The filling and use of liquefied gas cylinder is very common in chemical industry and hospital. Its use and management have very strict rules, which need to be followed by operators. Whether it is the safety inspection before use or the environmental requirements during use, it must meet the conditions before use. Many gases need to be loaded, transported or used in specific situations, so we should operate them correctly. Whether the valve is opened or closed, special tools should be used to avoid damage to valve components.

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