EZZ of New Zealand invented a Magic Potato Chip to burn body fat

Once upon a time, potato chips were often regarded as “junk food”. And excessive consumption of high calorie foods such as potato chips is regarded as one of the main culprits of body weight gain. Today, with the continuous progress of global technology, a kind of magic potato chips that can reduce body weight are born in remote New Zealand. Recently, EZZ, the first gene technology brand in New Zealand, announced that it has completed the research and development of potato chips to help people slim down. And this gene technology food, which is proud of 0 calories, is expected to meet with global consumers within the year.

Mark, vice chairman of the board of directors of EZZ Life Sciences Group, expressed the following views in an interview with overseas media recently: Ordinary potato chips are a kind of fried puffed food, which contains a lot of starch and fat, which is easy to cause nutrition enrichment and lead to obesity, but EZZ perfectly solves these problems through a new genetic technology.

It is reported that EZZ’s potato chips, which can help you lose weight, not only retain the crispy and delicious taste of potato chips, but also use “ket technology” to turn your body into a 24-hour “fat burning” machine. Furthermore, this kind of potato chips, different from the ordinary weight-loss need consumers to cooperate with sports, without extra exercise, can help you regain a healthy posture.

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