Businesses Are Taking the “Pledge To Prevent” And Commit To The Health And Wellness Of Their Patrons And Community

Business owners and managers face daily challenges in adhering to COVID-19 safety mandates. They’ve set up cleaning stations, installed plastic partitions, and posted signs.

But, a hundred percent adherence still proves elusive. Their staff can only be in so many places at a given time. And of course, the last thing they want is to turn their rule-abiding patrons into designated “Mask-Police”!

Did you know that a recent poll suggests eighty-four percent of U.S. adults “always” wear masks when going to public places.?

Sadly, the small minority of non-mask wearers keeps the much larger number of safety-conscious patrons from visiting an establishment!

Enter MyMaskCop!

Here’s how it works: 

A business patron downloads the MyMaskCop app to their smartphone. While at the facility, the moment they notice someone disregarding your safety protocols, they open their app and send an anonymous tip-report to on-premise staff members whose responsibility is to enforce the companies safety protocols.  The patron may even snap a photo and include it with the tip-report.

Steve Levy, designer and lead developer of MyMaskCop states, “An added benefit is that most guests who choose to disregard the facilities safety rules’ will think twice, just knowing the business offers MyMaskCop and they can easily be the subject of an anonymous report”.

For more information, or to request a 7-day trial, please visit

MyMaskCop is a service of iFollow Alerts Inc, an Emergency Mass Notification Platform.

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