Swedes Unveil Amazing Fire Fighting Robot

A new video of a Swedish high-tech water cannon system, called FlameRanger, has been unveiled on YouTube at youtu.be/jYtv46xvBj8.

According to the robot’s manufacturer, Unifire AB of Sweden, FlameRanger completely automatically detects a fire within seconds, figures out its exact position, and aims a large amount of water or foam directly onto the fire to extinguish it.

The water cannon automatically aims the water eerily like a human fire fighter would with a joystick. When the fire is out, the system automatically shuts off the water, but remains ready to react again if any new flames are detected.

The system is designed to operate 24/7/365, and typically sprays water onto the fire within about ten seconds from a fire breaking out.

The system uses high-tech flame detectors and electronic hardware and software to locate the fire and aim the water cannons. The system is updated 10 times per second.

According to Unifire spokesman, Roger Barrett James, “Unifire developed the FlameRanger system for rapid, fully automatic fire fighting in relatively large open areas, such as waste and recycling plants, aircraft hangars, atriums, manufacturing facilities and warehouses, tunnels, building exteriors, on ships, etc. To our knowledge, it is the only automatic robotic nozzle fire fighting system in the world with real-time, three-dimensional aiming from flame detector data.”

Unifire AB manufactures high-tech robotic nozzle systems, which are used in a variety of industries including fire fighting, mining, fountains, water and sewage treatment plants, and wash-down applications. The company’s robotic nozzles can be controlled both automatically and also by joystick or from any iOS or Android device by using Unifire’s ONE app, or even over the Internet.

For more information, contact Roger Barrett James at [email protected] or visit AutomaticFireFighting.com and Unifire.com.

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