Lunawhite Launches First Rechargeable At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

The teeth whitening tool uses red and blue LED technology to offer premium services.

One of the most recognizable features on the body is a smile. The way you greet someone makes a huge difference in how you’ll be received. All smiles, however, are not created equal. In the age of COVID where outside interaction is limited and face-to-face interaction now has a buffer of six feet, people are using alternative methods to create professional, high grade dental work experiences without having to step foot in the dentist office.

For those individuals looking for a more alluring smile, teeth whitening has become one of the quickest, most cost efficient quality dental procedures mimicked at home.

“Of course brushing and flossing are recommended everyday,” said Angelo De Simone, CEO. “However, there are times where you need a more concentrated approach to brighten the teeth and break down those deep coffee or wine stains that regular brushing can’t reach. We actually launched Lunawhite as a cost efficient teeth whitening option for those individuals who didn’t want to risk stepping out the home to make a dentist visit. At Only $249, it’s a much better option than paying out of pocket for a procedure that isn’t usually covered by insurance.”

With the at-home teeth whitening industry growing in popularity, more people are seeing the value in these easy to use cosmetic tools. The recently launched Lunawhite At-Home Whitening Kit is unique to the industry, as it touts being the world’s first rechargeable teeth whitening kit with blue and red light LED technology for teeth whitening and gum care.

The tool is made in an FDA registered facility in Florida and comes with more than 80 treatments.

“Our proprietary Gel formula is a unique sensitivity free and enamel safe formula,” said Angelo De Simone, CEO. “It’s designed to activate with our rechargeable LED teeth whitening light in just 15 minutes. You brush on the gel and then you rinse. It’s as simple as that.”

To learn more about the Lunawhite Rechargeable At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit, visit the site online.

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