Uclic is a new platform that empowers people to boost the prospecting on LinkedIn

No longer need to send generic messages that end up with no replies and no sales. Uclic brings personalized LinkedIn messaging that will double the demo bookings. Normal LinkedIn outreach doesn’t work, that’s because everyone follows the same pattern to send the messages. Uclic provides a new way that can help people stand out from others.

Many people on LinkedIn want to boost their sales and gain more clients through LinkedIn, but they all follow the same pattern when it comes to sending messages. With Uclic, step up the messaging game to gain more potential clients. Uclic is a startup that helps clients with their LinkedIn outreach. By providing customized messages that are appealing and look more professional, the customers will be attracted to the brand. The sales funnel process is made easy with Uclic transforming a virtually non-existent brand to become a multi-million venture overnight.

Gaining new clients isn’t just about hiring the best copywriter and developing a message for them. Even with the best message most people only have a 10% reply rate and 3% click rate. Uclic wants to change this ratio and help people grow their businesses by providing super customized messages for the clients in order to rise above the competitors. The customized messages allow the business to create warm and long-lasting relations with the clients.

Uclic also provides a chat plugin for Facebook messenger allowing the business to engage in a one-to-one conversation with the clients. This one on one conversation, further allows the business to impress the potential clients by solving their queries directly in front of them; Doing so will create a better image in the eyes of the clients. This plugin integration is easy to use and easily applicable in any business.

Landing pages are also very crucial to gain customers, it is the first page that the visitors see when they click on a link provided by the business. If the visitor is impressed by the landing page, chances are they might become a customer. Uclic also helps clients to design or redesign a landing page that will capture the hearts of the visitors. A properly customized landing page can double the conversation rate, ultimately increasing the chances to turn the visitor into a committed customer.

LinkedIn is considered the best platform by 93% B2B marketers to generate leads. There are over 610 Million LinkedIn members and 40 Million of them are decision-makers, Uclic brings an impressive opportunity to tap in this potential and help people scale their businesses. Uclic provides 4 different packages depending on the needs of the clients. These packages include services such as Call APIs, GSheet Integration, Zapier Integration, Image Templates and so much more. Clients can use whichever package suits their needs. Stand out from the crowd by choosing Uclic.

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