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Vetguru provides diverse information about pets such as: food, health, behavior and training. For example, Vetguru will tell you the best dog food you can find. Dog food is the product that many people choose for their pets. Because it is a mixture containing all the nutrients from meat, vitamins, and minerals to meet the best growing needs for dogs. On the market today, there are many types of dog food available under different brands. But not many people know which dog food is best for their dog. With each breed, there is a need for a different special diet, so dog food was born to help dog lovers easily take care of and help dogs develop more comprehensively.

Dog food, when manufactured, has been carefully calculated in terms of nutrient content to meet each stage of development such as age, weight, breed, size … You need to read carefully the indicators and instructions to be able to find the type of food for your dog. To buy the right quality dog ​​food products, in addition to choosing a good place to buy, you also need to pay attention to the shelf life of the product. Buyers should choose well-known brands of dog food that are widely used by many with a variety of flavors and functions to help their dog’s appetite and to be fully nutritious. The commercial dog food market is divided into two common categories: dry food and wet food. Every type of food has certain advantages and disadvantages, so no one is better than the other or the best one. The best dog food is the one that will be best for your dog.

Also when you have pets, you need to understand what their behavior means. From there you can find the best way to train them. Vetguru will tell you about the behavior and training pet. Did you know that in a dog’s eye, all places where they pee are the same. It will make no difference whether in your home, on the lawn or in the yard, it’s all the same. Simply because they cannot understand what behavior is right or wrong like a human. But dogs are instinctive behavioral animals so you can take advantage of this to train them and you won’t need to worry about this anymoreIf you understand your pet’s behavior and train them properly, you will get benefits such as: Helping your pet feel loved in his cage, not causing aversion to the cage; help the pet understand that the cage is a “nest” where they can rest, relax or be a place to hide when they feel scared or threatened; you would be able to rest assured leaving your pet alone for a while. In addition, proper training of pets will help them use the toilet in the right place (because they do not like to dirty their play area and sleep), help them have better control of their bladder and intestines, and are easier to carry when needed.

About us

Vetguru is created with the aim to help everyone, all those who have a special love for pets, have a place to find information, update some “special” skills to be able to understand and live in a more harmonious way with their pets. To be able to raise and train a pet well, you need to know a lot of knowledge about food choices, the health of the pet, their behavior and how to train. Vetguru wants to be a place to share complete and accurate information about pets.

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