Body Jewelry Wholesale by Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd. Features Unique Designs Backed By A Guarantee Of Quality Workmanship

Body Jewelry Wholesale by Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd. Features Unique Designs Backed By A Guarantee Of Quality Workmanship
Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd. is a market leader in the wholesale supply of body jewelry and piercing jewelry to retailers who wish to offer their customers artistically designed jewelry. The company owns two brands – Kool Katana and Bioflex.

According to announcements released by Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd., this trusted supplier of body jewelry wholesale serves a global clientele that depends on this manufacturer’s ability to provide them with unique, durable, and artistic designs promptly. From its body jewelry factory based in Thailand, Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd. supplies body jewelry items that include ball closure rings, belly button rings, belly chains, hinged rings, sterile piercings, septum jewelry, etc. 

The company acquired ISO14001 certification for environment-friendly systems and policies in 2012. It produces accurately machined parts and components in steel, titanium, and plastic with its Computer Numerical Control lathe turning. The top-end machinery used for the process can deliver accurately milled pieces with diameters as small as 3mm and up to 32mm. 

Stainless steel jewelry designed and manufactured by this company is a great value-for-money proposition for jewelry stores. The metal resists wear and can retain its shiny appearance with minimum care. Boutiques and piercing shops can order stainless steel bracelets, necklaces, rings, charms, earrings, and more from Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd. The company fulfills orders having low minimums. 

Salamander Jewelry enables its customers to grow their business by offering them a diverse range of silver jewelry made from quality silver. Salamander Jewelry supplies silver jewelry to retail chains, boutiques, small parlors, piercing shops, etc. 

Children’s jewelry available at Salamander Jewelry makes excellent gifts and souvenirs for children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces.

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Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd. said, “All of our stainless steel, silver, and body piercing jewelry is made in house here in Bangkok, Thailand. We have our main factory here and a branch where all of our jewelry can be seen and tried in Bangkok’s popular tourist spot, Khao San Road. Come and visit us. We also make custom jewelry. Working from your designs or drawings, or directly with our design team – for the order’s right size, we can design any piece that you want! Our design services extend from displays to custom catalogs and offer customers full access to our image and website database. Please contact our customer service department directly for more information.”

On the technical expertise available with the company, Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd. said, “We were one of the first factories in Asia to offer steel cast jewelry. We started with piercing jewelry, but our capacity now extends to bigger pieces like rings, bangles, and pendants. Surgical steel jewelry can be a great substitute for silver as the material cost is much lower, and it will not tarnish like silver and shines brightly without the need for plating. Manufacturing costs are higher than those with silver, but the finished products are cheaper in comparison. What is priceless, though, is that in a retail environment, steel jewelry will never tarnish. Steel jewelry in display cases will remain attractive months and even years down the line. There is no need to re-polish or clean the jewelry every few weeks.” 

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Salamander Jewelry Co. Ltd. has more than two decades of experience in supplying top-quality wholesale body piercing jewelry. It designs fashionable jewelry in different types of steel and other metals such as gold, zircon, and silver. Customers can also choose from trendy jewelry made from non-metals. The business is a one-stop-shop for affordably priced jewelry manufactured in Thailand.

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