Close the Social Distancing Gap on the Yoga Mat

Close the Social Distancing Gap on the Yoga Mat

EkhartYoga launches a free program to help lift us from pandemic depths. At the onset of Covid-19, EkhartYoga’s gift of online yoga and meditation classes relieved lockdown-induced stress for over 50,000 people globally. After months of collective grief, social and economic challenges, uncertainty and isolation, EkhartYoga extends another offering – four series of all-levels classes to support sleep, relaxation, strength, and tension relief, for a calmer, well-rested, more resilient you: 

“We feel compelled to help offer a solution to support people in coping with the stress this pandemic is causing, and we want to contribute to combating the social isolation that is caused by the new reality we all face,” says Matthijs Draijer, CEO of EkhartYoga, about the first social online yoga experience in collaboration with Dutch startup Close. “The Close app offers a unique opportunity to schedule, practice, and enjoy online yoga classes together.”

From Isolation to Connection – EkhartYoga Unites During Covid

While yoga can’t change the pandemic, it can help us cope with some of its effects. During times of crisis, priorities, habits and behaviors change. We have an opportunity to create positive, sustainable transformation – or at least to be more calm, mindful, resilient, adaptable and present now, together. Throughout May and June, when we offered free daily yoga and meditation classes, we witnessed the huge impact the power of connection and community made to people’s lives. When social contact is so limited by social distancing, we truly believe that uniting to practice can make a positive difference: 

Four Routes to Rise Up

EkhartYoga has created four short programs – the routes to a more resilient you.

The Route to Relaxation: Use your body, breath, and mind to release stress and tackle anxiety.

The Route to Better Sleep: Calm your nervous system and soothe your mind for a restful night of sleep.

The Route to Strength: Develop your confidence and resilience for dealing with daily challenges.

The Route to Tension Relief: Give your achy neck, shoulders, and back muscles some extra love.

Esther Ekhart founder of EkhartYoga: “We all long to know what happens next in our life, to have certainty in our lives. But the truth of existence is that we know nothing about what comes next, and we never did. All we know is this moment and that everything changes constantly,” says Esther Ekhart, founder of EkhartYoga. “Even when we can’t change what is happening around us, we still have a choice of how we respond to the uncertainty in this world. Choosing to respond consciously and wisely and regularly committing to practicing techniques that we know work to keep us relaxed, builds both your character and resilience.”

Join Us: Our online classes are our gift to you and your community. Please share with friends, colleagues, and family. The more people we can help unite and support, the stronger our connection: 

About EkhartYoga:

EkhartYoga was born from Esther Ekhart’s dream to share the love of yoga, and today thousands of students around the world practice online yoga and meditation with us. With over 4000 classes in different styles guided by over 40 world-class teachers, we are Europe’s leading online studio. Creating positive change and transformation through yoga remains at the heart of everything we do:

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